Monday, April 2, 2007

Well, Guess What? He Doesn't Care Either

Ok, I know most of you guys probably couldn't give a flying fudgsicle about Father MC, so I promise this'll be the last post on him for a long time. But I just found a 12" by him that I'd never known about; so even though it's not all that great, I'm a bit geeked.

This came out on Echo International in 1997, the same year he created some curious buzz by signing with the unlikely Luke Records. I'm not sure if this came before or after that stint, but it's interesting to note on the sticker cover that this single was touting a forthcoming album entitled Men With Millions. Of course, that album never came out, and this was Father's only release on Echo ...though they did include two of the three songs on this record on a compilation they released the following year, called East Coast Flava.

"I Could Care Less" (available here in street and radio versions), is sort of a laid back message to everyone who doubts him (he doesn't care what you think), with a very relaxed flow, mellow beat and a very undramatic, repetitive chorus by a female vocalist. It all adds up to one boring song, really.
"It Ain't Where Ya From," however, is a bit livelier, and decidedly more hardcore... not in that M.O.P. hardcore sense, so much as in the Snoop Doggy Dogg, talking about "hardcore" crime-type topics sense. In this case, he's up for two back to back life sentences because some of his crew snitched on him. He warns, "take it as a threat, you might get wet if you ain't doin' what cha rappin'." He even mentions having connections to the Russian mob! I do like this line, though, presumably directed at parents who object to his new, gangsta steez: "If you don't want your kids to hear, and they hear it, you deal with it." Yeah, you tell 'em.

"No One's Gonna Love You" is in more traditional Father MC territory, with Father lyrically kicking it to a lady about how no one will ever love her like he will (no, he's not calling out some really unlikable lady, telling her how no one could ever love her - though that could've been a fun song. Opportunity missed, perhaps?). It's got a pretty heavily R&B'd out chorus, with both a male and female singers, which is actually kinda good, and a real Video Soul-reminiscent instrumental.

You can check the track-listing for this 12" and the rest of his discography on my Father MC page. You probably haven't noticed, but I've actually been "stealth updating" the discography pages of the artists I've been writing about in my blog as I go. And, in fact, I've just done a proper update of my main page, including the first new artist's page in a really long time! I've also finally sorted all of my records (and CDs), so I'll be adding more stuff to my store in the coming weeks, too. In case you missed it, the link to my main hip-hop page is at the top of the links column to the right. :)

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