Friday, November 23, 2007

(Werner Necro'd) Luke Sick IM Interview

You guys remember Rebirthmag? It was a dope, indie hip-hop site run out of Chicago... I wrote for them for a while towards the end. This is an unedited (the way I like 'em) interview I did with Luke Sick of Sacred Hoop for 'em 6/8/01 at 4 in the morning. Some people I talk to, by the way, remember Sacred Hoop's classic material from the mid to late 90's, but seem surprised when I tell them that they're still killing it and just put out a great, new album this year. But yeah, anyway. Without further ado, here's my Luke Sick IM interview - enjoy:

Luke: this is luke
I would like to join hassan I sabbah's hash assassin force
Luke: how do i prove it
Luke: oh I know I have a five foot cock
Werner: Well, I generally prove my sincerity through song, but that's just me
Luke: I should have killed you I wanted to then and I still do
Werner: So, tell the folks at home something introductory about Sacred Hoop
Werner: (You'd be surprised how many people IM me to tell me that, actually)
Luke: that's one of my songs but I'm not really on the murder tip these days though. Sacred Hoop is me (luke Sick)--DJ MarZ (the Drug addict) and Vrse Murphy who doesn't want to be located right now--other crews are jealous of us cuz we have the best players at all the crucial positions and because we have orgies on week nights not just after shows-- and we know how to cook crank and they don't.
Werner: So speaking of Marz, how did you hook up with him, and what did y'all do with Fundouglas?
Luke: Fon quit. that song 'I quit' on the new album is dedicated to him. Can you believe he quit the Beatles of this underground whiteboy garage hip-hop shit? He quit the week after we found out that Elektra was interested in signing the Hoop. He isn't into that 'show yer ass on TV shit' so He quit. so we got Quest and Marz from space trav but then Quest quit to do Live Human so now we got Marz--I met him at a High Noon party (Some backyard Mission district, sf shit at that graff writer SPIE's house --he smoked all my weed so I asked him to be in the gang. he breaks records over my head if I don't get him beers during the show. he thinks I'm his bitch, but that's not really how I see it. Marz joined like 5 years ago--we did acid and chopped down a tree at Vrse cabin together while vrse was making the beat for When I'm Broke
Werner: So, was that connection with Elektra in any way related to Brougham's Elektra stint, or is that pure coincidence?
Luke: Yeah but Brougham stole our thunder. it was fucked up! they didn't even know--and this was before limp biscuit before eminem before whitey ford before moby before at the drive in before Rimbaud before Jack Kerouac before Henry MIller before James Joyce before Mix master mike joined beastie boys before buckethead was in guns 'n roses before before before and Quest was in the group when they showcased us--but they were on Brougham's dick so I was like "gotta make some scrill off this so I don't have to get a job and can keep getting drunk--then elektra dumped brougham and warner bros. picked it up and sat on it for like two years so when it came out is was all blase.I got chumped but I used the money to record and put out the new Hoop album. it's called 'Sleepover' --Oak d's sittin over my shoulder makin me prostitute that shit, but the album is the illest I must admit.
Werner: ok, so tell us about the new album... why the title "Sleepover?"
Luke: we were gonna call it "a teenage sleepover" or 'a teen sleepover' and it was supposed have a little girl on the cover, laying our 45 on her plastic fischer-price, in her room at her parent's house with roses from prom night hanging on her wall drying out--but vrse pussed out cauz he ain't down with gettin busted for kiddie-tricks, and besides the guy who did the cover, world reknown painter Aaron Horkey, had a different idea of what a teenage sleep over meant. so for those two reasons it became just 'sleepover'--but I just thinkit's an awful nice thing to say to a girl "Hey! you. no not you! you. sleepover." and she's Like, "okay." And I'm like, "I'm fuckin'."
Werner: is there really a Sacred Hoop 45?
Luke: No
Luke: really no
Werner: heh; ok. i understood at one point, there was going to be a SH release on Oxygen Music, though... is that still happening?
Luke: no and so was Kinetic and so was Dog Day and so was sick wid it so was get low so was stones throw so was mo'wax so was sole sides so was epic so was grand royal so was rap -a-lot so was ruthless so was rawkus so was rhyme sayers so was uncle howie's so was hollywood so was funky ass but they all fell threw no just kidding only the first seven ever actually approached us
Luke: okay none accept the first one approached us and that's why oxygen didn't work out. but nothing ever works out. you just get fucked gently with a chainsaw
Werner: ha - i was gonna say... i was counting seven, going "solesides? really?" so, we shouldn't hold our breaths for a "matronik vs. the hoop" techno remix of "frrrnt."
Luke: naw that shits comin' out in zero-six. did you know I did songs with Brain from Primus and Buckethead from Praxis who are both in Guns 'n roses now. wow! I'm gettin drunk now --when I get drunk I get on my own dick.
Werner: well, i knew you did a couple songs with the dwarves, though it's actually kind of hard to pick you (or anyone/ thing) out on that album...
Luke: Let's talk about music what you feel these days potna
Werner: well, contemporary music-wise (i still listen to a LOT of old school records, generally); i'd say pretty exclusively underground, "artsy" rap, like anticon, braille, aesoprock, ani difranco... looking for stuff with substance
Luke: I know if you blink you miss me--I'm on track 7 it's called "deadly eye" I say "Hewhocannotbenamed bring on the young girls and the free cocaine!" and some other shit-- Marz scratches on song "Over you"--'tis dope...that was the only thing cool about Brougham we got to meet the Dwarves--I've been a huge fan since birth. Kurt Cobain used to bow to them. we were recording in the same place and I got to Know Blag the lead singer and now me him and Marz are doing a project called "get the hater" our first single is 'fuck you style' b/w 'what' is all about"
Luke: I Like M.O.P. Salute! I don't like substance I expect it.
Werner: i imagine expecting substance could be pretty disappointing business on a general scale...?
Werner: is "get the hater" gonna be a miasmatic project?
Luke: uhhhhhh? I dunno what--I kinda want it to come out on Man's Ruin but Marz thinks he owns the rights to it--and Oak D. is calling his lawyer--I dunno --I stay out of that side of it--I'm a retard
Werner: so, vrse's not gonna be involved in that... he wasn't with brougham, and only tangently on disturbers... is he more "strictly hip-hop," then, i take it?
Luke: no he's doing his instru-fag-mental dj shadow-esque/moby/fat boy slim solo project right now. does that answer your question? no seriously I'm just fucking with him because he just got out of rehab and he doesn't want to be located right now and he doesn't want any body to find him. I called my boy Thug-e-fresh (Check for our live collabo 'Killin' mutha fuckas in Vacaville') to see if he was in Chico. but he ain't seen him neever... so vrse as usual is missing and yes he is 'strictly hip-HOP" emphasis on HOP.
Luke: of course he's hip hop have you heard The Bachelors?
Luke: That's a b-boy classic Z-man is my favorite mc.
Werner: no, actually, i haven't... here on the east coast, folks've gotta wait for atak to stock it
Luke: my title is "the only whiteboy to bring a gold plaque back to ATAK
Luke: gee aren't I racial today?
Werner: gold plaque? was that "i walked in?"
Werner: ha - you're aboutthis close to offending my delicate sensibilities...
Luke: Fuck yeah. I was on the same album as run-dmc. I stood on my head and shit on myself. MY mom has the plaque up in her kitchen it was like my ticket back into thanksgiving dinners. seriously though I like the coked up run-dmc--tougher than leather era--in fact all my favorite music is from the crack era '85-'92 hip hop's golden years like '79 was for brit punk
Werner: yeah, it all kind of rose and fell with the fat boys...
Luke: when crack was cool.. oh, when crack was cool
Luke: crushin' is the album right there
Luke: fat boys that is
Luke: i'm not being facetious
Werner: nah, i agree... though i kind of missed the sutra sound... though, it didn't occur to me to miss the sutra/ k. blow style until coming back hard again
Luke: did I spell facetious right
Werner: yeah, that looks right to me
Werner: let me ask you this: who's the film buff in SH? 'cause, you know, while most hip-hop are quoting and sampling every nanosecond of scarface, y'all've been referencing and/or sampling peckinpah, say anything, russ meyer, fellini, etc
Luke: we played the fillmore in SF. I love to brag about this, and I might as well kepp braggin cuz that's all I been doin' --at the Fillmore this girl said we sounded like "suburban ametuer karoke" and I'm like finally somebody got it right. Can you believe the Hoop played on the same stage as Janis Joplin? Grateful Dead? Jimi Hendrix? Cream? after that girl made that comment I said, "what do think about dildos? oh did I say dildos? no I didn't mean--oh yes I did--what do you think about dildos?" and she walked the fuck away. that's right
Luke: ok about film. Fon was the original with the peckinpah shit--but I know more than him did you catch the Fletch in No Category?
Werner: nah - i'm gonna have to go back, now, and check it after this
Luke: I'll have a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich the bassline from the end of service and maintainence is from the movie Kalifornia vrse is gonna be pissed that I'm snitchin
Luke: Fellini? where?
Werner: on "panhandling" - the driving loop of the girl singing is the girl who sang on the beach in 8 1/2
Werner: that "lah, da da da dah" ish
Luke: oh la dah dah oh yeah that's vrse tryin' to fuck an arsty bitch and blowin' her off to make beats cuz the movie had some tight shit in it
Werner: yeah, i remember thinking that had to be a hip-hop first...
Luke: fellini or kalifornia or fellini or a producer who actually blew off a bitch to make beats for once?
Luke: I menat fletch not the second fellini
Werner: well, i meant fellini, but they all probably apply
Luke: I meant meant not menat
Luke: ha
Luke: a whole new kind of drunk interview
Luke: good thing I'm like Bukowski on these keys bitch
Werner: it'll give the whole thing more of an "genuine" feel... maybe
Luke: maybe i'll shove the dead rat in the cat's ass
Luke: stupid
Luke: so ask me about drugs and women
Werner: moving on? who's the band on "moe's interlude" (moe's trange hobby) and the intro to the second disturbers' cd?
Werner: for that matter, who's moe?
Luke: The Donnas an all chick punk group from palo alto california
Luke: moe is a graffiti writer who lived at my house who never bombed and never got up he didn't even tag he was a toy I think he did half a piece once and show it off to me no less
Luke: that was in Mountain view (dirttown) like 4 years ago
Luke: The donnas are hot I have a crush
Werner: so, alright... drugs and women... ha, we'll do it Tiger Beat interview style: what kind of girls do you like, and where's your favorite place to take a girl on a date?
Luke: when I say 'i'm that rocknroll boy who don't wash his hair' it's because they have a song called rocknroll boy about a guy who doesn't you guessed it wash his hair.
Luke: cool that kinda answers that last question
Luke: I like all the donnas even the scary bassplayer
Luke: but my favorite is the guitar player
Luke: but she's out of my league
Luke: this is easier to do type writer style
Luke: I'm down for the lead singer most she's kinda christina ricci
Luke: the drummer is like animal from the muppet show with long hair
Luke: but hot
Werner: well, that follows... animal was kinda hot
Luke: oh shit
Luke: so tell every body to cop the old albums and remember who they bit
Luke: rappers are so mad
Luke: going to frig for beer one sec.
Luke: word I'm back. have you heard the bullet proof space travelers album
Luke: let's talk about who I bit
Werner: i got the space travelers breakbeat set and a dub of an old bullet proof tape
Luke: well the rapper on the new album 'Built to Last" out on Stray records is one of the main people I bite his name is Eddie K. he is the 1000 proof mc he is from Lake view, sf and has been down with Eddie Def the last creep from jump.
Luke: I just did a song with him called --we might be drunk
Werner: is that going to be for their next album, or the next hoop album, or...?
Luke: no on an album that Marz is doing cause he's in that crew too. the project is called the Rehab clinic in honor of vrse not having anything to do with it. the rehab clinic is live outtakes of our shows from sf to santa cruz to az to chico, ca and drunk ass songs recorded by marz it should be chainless get it?--that is so honky!
Luke: chainless how stupid
Luke: do you want to hear about the next two miasmatic releases?
Werner: yeah, definitely
Luke: first is --The Bachelors--featuring Z-man from 99th Demention and Vrse"go ahead ask him if he's thirsty" Murphy from yours truly--like I said before it's a b-boy classic-- and sorry I mean the EPMD b-boy not as in breakdancing--secondly we have a Vrse Murphy presents type thing coming out that'll be just like a Hoop record but me and Z won't be the only emcees--Eddie K.'s gonna be on there so is Jihad from third sight and Brandon B from gAME tIGHT eLECTRO and some other lucky bitches
Luke: have you heard the disturbers kefu qan
Werner: yeah... although i haven't really played the newer disturber tapes as much as anasi spider
Luke: My boys from the disturbers most namely Unbreakable Combz and Curator are floating beautiful on some fuck the world shit --honestly though can you even listen to kefu qan I know it's hard
Werner: yeah... i mean, it's not something i've ever really sat and gotten that familiar with, though
Werner: oh, hey - lemme ask you about that neila ep (that vrse produced) before i forget
Luke: good you are too scared to talk about kefu qan that's how I like it. Neila got Marz so fucked up on brown weed blunts one night that he could join me a Z-man jumping into the pool with gold ropes on at a vrse's house house party in phoenix--he passed out off weed--and i'm not talkin bout gittin the spins i'm talkin bout drinkin til ya brain cave in
Werner: well, i can't really speak too intelligently on kefa qan (it may also be debatable on whether i can speak intelligently on other matters), as i've only actually listened to it a couple times
Luke: i mean he couldn't join me and z-man
Luke: dude I should skidattle I got go collect me virgins and cold beer and go to gourmet food with my girlfriend Tina hi tina don't try an bust me out when you read this on the internet cause yer a nerd get offa there don't you know that is why our rent is so high don't support these fucks, I don't mean you john, ofcourse.
Werner: ha, cool; alright. good talking to you for... actually, quite a while
Luke: I know a pint later and we're still here I typing slower now though and I didn't write I'm
Luke: how do you hang up? oh I have to say what's up to Cocks Of Satan new rap crew comin out of San Jose and Shadow People from Redwood City and Joe Dubbs and Sub contents and megabusive and FTA and rase and shane and p-minus and smash adams and little pussy every where. when I get my shit together I'll send you my shit did you know the Hoop (me vrse, z, and marz where in a majorly released movie
Luke: doing a Brougham song in a bar scene
Werner: no; what movie is that?
Luke: it is call Playing Mona Lisa it was adapted from a play called two golsteins on acid
Luke: put that in the interview I want these bitches to know
Luke: if you blink you'll miss us we beat out Rasco for the role and that is not a lie
Luke: I really have to go my girl is gonna kill me
ok one more beer


  1. dope interview and just about everything I would expect from an IM convo. with Luke Sick...
    This is going back in your blog a bit, but you had a review of that Wild Style record with Flynamic on it...There was a second 12" on that label. Most of the prod. was by Alexander, but I believe there was one or two by King Tech - no emcee's though!

  2. Kefu Qan is one of my top five all-time favorite albums of any genre (that list changes daily, though). That noise track at the end is one of my favorite tracks to play LOUD. One question: What is Luke saying at the end of the "Me & My Rellies" chorus?? Is that Hawaiian? Austrailian? Palo Altonian? What does it mean? That is what I was searching for when I came upon this interview.

  3. ..and after further surfing- Ethiopian? And is it the reason for all my bad luck, too? Damn! I knew it! I need another top five tomorrow.