Monday, January 12, 2009

Cocaine Blunts Vs. Werner Von Wallenrod

Woohoo! It has landed - the year-end issue of Hip-Hop Connection magazine (January '09, issue #230 with L'il Wayne on the cover for those on the lookout), that features this very blog you're now reading. :) By the way, I had a devil of a time getting an issue here in New Jersey, so thanks very much again to a nice guy who was generous enough to mail me a copy from Europe.

It's a nice, four-page piece written by Andrew Emery called "Hip-Hop Blog World Cup," which picks the top 16 hip-hop blogs and pits us against each other. There's commentary on each blog by the writer, as well as by the other bloggers (we were all interviewed in advance). So the article writes, "Werner's unique approach to obscure hip-hop and compellingly strange video essays take the blog into new territory" (hehe), and then like Trav of Wake Your Daughter Up says about me, "If all of us old school bloggers held a Jeopardy type tournament, Werner would crush us all." Man, I loves this article.

So, we're then pit up against each other in pairs. As you may've guessed from the title, I was rivaled off with Cocaine Blunts, which is some stiff comp... I said (an unused quote, which makes this like a bonus, unreleased 12" b-side to the full mag article LP), "CB closed down for a minute, but I'm so glad it's back. Noz is one of the best hip-hop writers. But then, I guess there's not really anyone in the piece that I'd want to have to dual it out with. That's why I'm glad that outside of this article, it's not a competition - I'm honored just to be on the same page as these guys, and every single one of them is in my Reader.

We're also quoted throughout the article talking about each other's blogs like this on Soul Sides, "Werner Von Wallenrod sums it up best: 'Knowledgeable, well-written blog… too much about the music used to make hip-hop than actual hip-hop music for my tastes; but they’re definitely authorities on what they write about.'" Here are a couple more bonus ones of mine that aren't in final the article:

Unkut - "Sometimes gets a little lazy just posting random mp3's, but has done some of the best interviews in any hip-hop blog, ever... getting to the hearts of stories most hip-hop writers aren't knowledgeable enough to even ask about."

Nah Right - "Basically just news aggregation, I guess; but does so much (you can scroll through pages of old posts and they'll still be from today!), that Nah Right's become a pretty definitive source."

Bust the Facts - "When all the other mp3 blogs seem to be reading from the same playbook, ripping and posting the same albums; BtF always finds what all the others have overlooked. And posts a lot."

Dallas Penn - "Does the best video blogs: funny, sincere and smart."

Hip-Hop Isn't Dead... - "Great track-by-track reviews, and lots of them! Respects the greats (esp the Wu), without being blind to their shortcomings."

So yeah, check out the issue to read the whole thing, including who beat out who, and which blogger ultimately won the Hip-Hop Blog World Cup. I also found some other nice bits in the same issue to sweeten the pot, including a great big piece on The Cookie Crew, a fun interview with Russell Simmons, a cool little editorial piece on Kool G. Rap and a substantial Top Choice Clique interview. ...Why can't we have magazines like this in the US?

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