Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Got To Tell Ya

"You see, pimpin's big business. And it's been goin' on since the beginning of time. And it's gonna continue straight ahead, 'till somebody out there turns out the lights on this small planet."

You can't really be sure what record you're on when it opens with the frequently-sampled line from 1973's The Mack; it's been used so often. But once Big Daddy Kane's (yeah, he produced the track) unforgettable funk guitar loop kicks in on top of the funky drums, you're instantly pulled into Positive K's most beloved classic, "Night Shift." I mean, sure, "I Got a Man" was a bigger commercial hit, and "Step Up Front"'s the banger; but any head will tell you: when it comes to Pos K, it's all about the "Night Shift."

The track instantly pulls you in and won't let go. You could restart this single every time it ended 20 times in a row and not be tired of it. Jazzy Jay provides some ill scratches on the hook (the same "I Got To Tell Ya" sample younger heads will remember being cut up on Dr. Octagon). And while he never actually kicks a verse, Kane drops in before every hook to kick a little pimping advice like, "Man, you got to work your women by the scale. I mean, if she skinny, make her bring you home a good penny; and if she fat, make her pay like she weight."

Now, don't be confused by the two versions present on this 12". Neither one is the Silver D remix from the album. The Radio Version is just an edited version of the Pimp Version, which is the classic version we all know and love. But if you're looking for 12" exclusives, look no further than the B-side.

Yeah, "One 2 the Head" was on the album. But the version on the O.G. 12" (the one on +K Records, as opposed to the later Island/ 4th & Broadway releases) is completely different. The instrumental is 100% different, and so are the rhymes. The only thing they have in common is the title... and even that's slightly different, since they spell it "To the Head" on the 12".

Now, the album version wasn't bad... It's produced by Jazzy Jay and sounds very dated (which might be a plus or minus for you, depending how nostalgic you are), and Pos's rhymes are fun as always. But trust me, you haven't heard shit 'till you've heard the 12" version (also produced by Jay). It's got a crazy ill harmonica loop and a super funky bassline, and the way Pos rides the rhythm sounds super slick. There's also a hot beat change-up during the third verse, with some old mack flick sounds. And Jazzy Jay again gets busy on the hook, doing some quick rhythm rubs over the "Got To Be Real" break. Again, the album version was a cool tune, but the 12" version is definitely one for the greatest hits packages.

Now, this 12" was never particularly hard to find, but it's been made a lot easier with a semi-recent repress. You can get a copy still shrink-wrapped at a regular 12" price from places like

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