Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T-U-R-T-L-E Secrets

Update 9/27/11: The HHC site seems to be down, so I've posted the article below... Click 'em to enlarge 'em to a readable size.

The new issue of HHC Digitial just dropped tonight, and with it comes my latest Fear Of the Rap! column (page 9). I talked with the creators of "Turtle Power" themselves, the Partners In Kryme, to get the inside scoop on one of hip-hop's all-time biggest hits, and a damn enjoyable record still to this day. In fact, before you click over there, see if you can guess what classic cartoon show the medley to this song came from (hint: it's not the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon). ...And, no, this is not recycled content from my interviews with GV and Keymaster Snow; this is all new interview content and info. 8)

You'll also want to check the issue out for a major Rakim interview. The reviews I'm hearing for his album may be disappointing, but a lengthy talk going back to his Paid In Full days? That's a must read any day. Oh, and there's a cool little Esoteric interview, too.

Whoops! Don't let me forget to actually drop the link after all that... It's right here.


  1. Hey, I'm new to your blog, I think it's great. Anyways, about the Partners in Kryme interview, you ever gonna release the full transcription of the interview? That was the first rap song I ever knew the words to, I'm highly interested.

  2. Well, that interview was pretty short... it's basically all in the article (though you saw the links I posted to my older interviews with GV and Snow, right?). But... I DID have this cool quote from GV that wound up getting cut for length, I thought was kinda fun. And since you asked... :)

    When I was talking about the different versions of the 12", and I asked which would get "the official Partners in Kryme seal of approval, I was going to include his full answer:

    "Serious? Ha ha Well, ok. You’re actually giving me a hard choice, because the orchestra soundtrack music is the stuff I love, what I do. But I would have to say the US version with ‘Splinter’s Tale,’ because you could take out the toys when you play the record and have the turtles do the voices. I’d have to go with that, because that’s the kind of kid I was.”

  3. Wow, just read the GV intv, that was ridiculously thorough. That's funny because I never read the comic before the movie so I always thought Raphael was the leader too, especially since he says it in the song and I'm like, Yeah, I can totally see that. Even when I started watching the cartoons and Leo is the leader, I just thought it was like an alternate universe spin on TMNT.

    It's kinda odd that he chose the name Partners In Kryme though. I see that KRYME is an acronym but still, it makes him sound halfway gangster/thuggish and he doesn't seem that way at all.