Monday, September 20, 2010

Geto Boys' Lost Gangster of Love

(Youtube version is... coming along slowly. You can check my YT channel in the meantime, and I'll update this post tonight with the direct link. here!)


  1. Great video! A few things:

    1. It's clear you're also a horror fanatic because you referred to Steve Miller as "Steve Miner," something only a horror geek would do. :)

    2. I have the self-titled Geto Boys album on CD and it has the Steve Miller sample (the "lost" version you speak of)... it wasn't until just a year or two ago that I realized the Lynyrd Skynyrd version was what ended up on the album that most people had.

  2. Whoops! Ha ha You're right. I blame that Jason documentary.

  3. It's Rick Rubins label Def American not Def Jam.

  4. Thanks for clearing this's something I've wondered about before.I also bought the tape the day it came out and had only heard the first two versions w/ the Steve Miller sample. It wasn't until years later ..after downloading the album in mp3 that I heard the Skynard sample and was confused. Classic,nonetheless.