Saturday, February 11, 2012

Werner In Record Collector Magazine

While browsing through the magazine stands this month, be sure and take a moment to leaf through the latest issue of Record Collector (Feb '12, #398) for a spot of writing from little ol' me. I'm one of multiple contributors to the latest installment of Dudley Jaynes' Hip-Hop Collector's Guide series of articles. As the intro explains, he "gathered 17 passionate hip-hop heads from different corners of the industry to examine 40 classic albums (and a few EP's) from rap's formative years." It's a nice four-page spread, featuring contributions from a lot of our favorite writers 'round these parts and some great (and some unexpected) album choices - you may even wish to take the issue home with you.

It's not a specifically hip-hop geared magazine, so most of the rest of the mag is focused on other genres. But the recent Black, Rock & Ron reissue also gets a pretty nice review here. If you can't find a copy near you, you can order one from their website: And if you're a subscriber, apparently you can also read the article online, as well. So, yeah, check it out. 8)

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