Friday, July 13, 2012

Rime Force Most Illiln'!

Yo, this tape is frrresh!  Rime Force Most Illin' (hereafter RFMI) is the newest group of Luke Sick (Sacred Hoop); and it's got a great sound.  This is definitely one of his first tier projects, like The Hoop and Grand Invincible, as opposed to second tier stuff like Motel Crew and Brougham that's still worth checkin' if you're a fan, but otherwise nothing essential.  This is essential.

Like the name suggests, RFMI is a throw-back/homage to classic B-boy hip-hop. But, of course, with Luke and those Gurp City cats, it's through a slightly twisted, demented lens.  The crew consists of Luke and partner Rob Rush spitting over some really impressive production by G-Pek and some slick cuts by DJ Raw B. Some of it's really old school - 80's drum tracks with cowbell and the whole nine - but other tracks are more contemporary, boom bap mixed with lush original samples, more in the vein of the Hoop or the last Grand Invincible project. All of it sounds really good, and just works. I mean, honestly, it's one of the most compelling releases of 2012. I've been playing it over and over since it arrived, it'll be your loss if you sleep.

Then, flip it over, and the B-side is a live set featuring all new RFMI tracks. The sound quality is good (you hear the music, not drunken people in the audience), so it does a good job of capturing the live, old school energy RFMI is going for without ruining the songs by a poor presentation. This set features the underrated DJ Quest on the wheels, and production by Vrse Murphy (yay!), Fatees and of course G-Pek.

This tape, sometimes referred to as The Supalove Tape, is a prelude to their upcoming EP, The Force Is Slammin', and is sorta presented as a mixtape - at least the A-side is - but all the songs are pretty separate and distinct as opposed to mixed together. It's limited to just 100 copies (though their bandcamp says 250 copies confirmed, definitely 100 - see comments), so move quick ( As a prelude, the tape's a little short (about 25 minutes, with the live set playing longer than the A-side); but it's all great material and there are enough unique songs on here to leave you feeling full.  The tape also comes with a download card (props! Still too few physical releases are doing this these days)*, so if rocking a cassette isn't always convenient for you, you can throw it on your ipod, burn it to CD or whatever.  I still have a tape deck in my car, though, so I'm all set.  8)

*You could also just buy the digital release; but the tape is so cheap (literally, the same price either way: $5; except the tape requires $3 shipping), and comes with the digital download anyway, so there's really no reason to pass on it unless you've waited too long and the 100 are sold out.

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  1. 100 copies. updated the bandcamp. Thanks for the love!