Monday, July 15, 2019

Ladies HaveAComplicatedRelationshipWith Cool James

(Six female MCs issued four answer records to LL Cool J in 1987, and they each had a distinct point to make.  Youtube version is here.)


  1. damn dude, is that an Evil Kenevil pinball machine??? all you need now is the KISS pinball machine then you will be KING!

    1. Wow, you clocked that just from the side of the back piece?? Yes, you're right! But don't be too impressed; it's not mine. Filmed at a friend's house looking for a fun background. But I'm about to shoot my next video here... I'll give ya a better look at it. 8)

  2. another cool post...I was Frosty's DJ back then. (we're both from Durham, NC)