Sunday, September 21, 2008

Literally Literary Literature

Let me start by saying that, yes, this is an actual, real comic book. Landspeed Records put this out in '99 to promote Freddie Foxxx's upcoming (at the time) album, Industry Shakedown. You'll notice the cover image is virtually the same as his "A Part Of My Life" 12", but with a different background. He's depicted in the same style on his other 12" singles off of this album, and with this comic, you can learn the story behind it all.

It's written by Foxxx himself (illustrations by Dino Cerillo), and starts out in a nightclub called The Turntable. Foxxx is am "outcast... an outsider, an enemy to the major league, Cristal-poppin' playa' party goin' Benz rentin' keep up with the Joneses type suckas that make up and listen to the sound we know as rap music today." He robs some guy and makes him dance with his friend "like he was your broad" at gunpoint... a weird scene by anyone's standards, I'm sure.

Foxxx tries to break out but, just then, as we learn it's midnight on New Year's Eve 1999: "A numb screeching noise breaks the sound barrier. Bottles of booze shatter, confetti mizes with plaster as the ceiling slowly caves in; the dj's turntables explode; human flesh begins to melt. Thirty seconds into the New Millenium and the world reknowned 'city that never sleeps'... ...Manhattan - is destroyed." Damn, this is some heavy shit!

A mad scientist named Dr. Personality comes and takes Foxxx's body to The Lab, where he's been storing the dead body of every black gangster of the 50's and 60's (you never know what you're going to need if the city blows up, I guess). He uses all those parts to resurrect Freddie and transform him into his alter-ego, Bumpy Knuckles. There's also Knocko, a victim of an old African witch doctor who transformed him into "an ugly small man with a huge head and even huger heart," unable to speak.

I don't think there's too many of these around as it was just given out promotionally. You should be able to sleep at nights without it; but it's a fun addition to the collection of a Foxxx fan. My copy came with a Bumpy Knuckles sticker, postcard and bumper sticker as well.

Good times. :)

Update 7/30/09:
I just recently picked up the Industry Shakedown CD (late pass lol), and found out it comes with a miniaturized version of this comic. Pretty cool! Just to clarify, though, the comic book I'm talking about above is full-sized (meaning: the size of a standard comic book).

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