Sunday, September 28, 2008

=New Toy

Hey, guys. You might notice a new little feature over to the right: The Best Blog Posts I Didn't Write. I just started it, so there's not much there yet... but basically I'll be highlighting the best/most interesting hip-hop blog posts I come across whenever I come across them. New, hip-hop related posts only - you won't see Obama or Palin's names pop up in anything I link to until they cut a record together. Yeah, it's a Google Reader thing... so there'll be the latest six (I may change that number) featured on the right, and they'll all be archived on my GR page (which you can always get to by clicking the Best Blog Posts heading).

For the bloggers and webmasters who may be concerned/curious, clicking the blog titles will take you to the original posts on their own pages, not my Reader.

I think that's about all there is say about that. Hope you guys enjoy it - it should be updated at least once a day (albeit at odd hours haha), assuming there's enough good stuff for me to find. 8)

More dope content is dope.

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