Saturday, October 11, 2008

InstaRapFlix 12: Brotha Lynch Hung: Ghetto Celebrities: Vol. 1

InstaRapFlix is back on the new blog! Disappointingly, Netflix has removed a lot of instantly viewable films, stating that those had been available for a limited time only (something they only thought to mention after the time was up), so sadly I won't be getting to some of the titles I had on my list... but they have added new ones.

So, I thought Brotha Lynch Hung: Ghetto Celebrities: Vol. 1 (Netflix rating: 2.5 stars) might be fun, if only for the pure outrageousness of the rapper.

Well, it's actually pretty tame, but not bad at all. It's largely centered around one interview with Lynch talking to the camera, telling his story, and sometimes cutting away to what what he's talking about... like a trip to see some of his high school basketball teammates, or recording in the studio. There's not a lot of graphics or zany MTV camera angling. Lynch just earnestly shares his story, from his childhood and family situation, to how he came up in the music industry.

Each member of his crew is given a change to speak, too, at one point, briefly saying who they are, what projects they have coming out, etc (and Zig Zag busts a freestyle). But, really, 95% of this 80 minute movie is just Lynch sitting in his chair, talking to the camera. So he gets to every question you'd probably have for him, from his influences, the references to baby killing in his rhymes, to why he split with Black Market Records, and how he disowns some of his albums that he considers incomplete, released without his approval. And he talks about the things you'd probably never think to ask him about, like his mother's passing, the times his personal studio got robbed, and his bouts with depression.

This is a good doc, and you'll probably come out with more respect for Lynch Hung having seen it.

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