Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is It Live?

Yes, it is ...assuming "it" is referring to my new website home,! That is very live. As you've heard me yack and blabber about before, my old AOL webhost is shutting down. So after 11 years of Werner von Wallenrod's Humble, Little Hip-Hop Site being on AOL, it's now at it's own URL: (I'm still working on it, so pardon any broken links or graphics... they'll all be sorted soon). The old site should be up for a few more days, but come November 1, it will be gone. But nothing will be lost - just moved to the new site. And I have plans for some new coolness there as well, once I finish fixing up all the old stuff.

And just so there's no confusion, this blog is staying right here at; I'm talking about the "hub" site with all the artist discographies and such.

Also, for those of you who're interested, yes I know my Todd Solondz website is all messed up. That also has to do with my changing server hosts, and will be fixed soon (after Werner's). Sorry about that.

So, yeah. No more "" or "" or even "" (remember that?) nonsense; it's all now, baby!

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