Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Learn Along With Werner, part 3

It's not about Father MC this time!

...Sorry; I Just wanted to get that out of the way so nobody bounces out before we get started. haha

Here's what this is about. I've decided it's finally time to settle down on exact, 100% correct track-listings for P.E.A.C.E.'s debut album(s), A Wing Dinner: The EP (1999) and Southern Fry'd Chicken (2000). Now you might say, dude, you been had the track-listings on your Freestyle Fellowship page already! And the track-listings are right on the album covers.

Yeah, "dude," but it's not that simple. See, the first EP clearly has more tracks than are listed, and the second actually has one less. Further more, a quick, needle-dropping session of Southern Fry'd will tell you something further is wrong with the track-listing. So, I'm taking them both out, side-by-side, and we're gonna work this out together, once and for all. It's just a little thing; but it's constructive. So let's get to it.

So, let's start with Wing Dinner. It's pretty accurate for the most part. By the way, "Way Cool Inst." is actually just a short clip of the instrumental to the old Freestyle Fellowship record from '93, and the next track, "Harder and Harder" is just a thirty-second acapella freestyle. Just FYI. Anyway, the track-listing for the EP is essentially correct, all six songs are as they're listed on the cover.

But that still leaves two more tracks on the CD that aren't mentioned in the listing. The first one's a bugged out 3-minute freestyle that starts out over a smooth beat, but winds up being acapella as P.E.A.C.E. keeps going when the beats run out. Then the last track, curiously, is an instrumental from the excellent Beneath the Surface compilation album ...that P.E.A.C.E. was never even on! It's from "Line Postin' In Pedro," by Brothers Manifesto (St Mark 9:23 & J-Smoov). So yeah, dunno what that's doing here. But this EP is the first and only place the instrumental was released, so it's a kinda cool bonus.

Ok, so now let's jump over to Southern Fry'd. The first two tracks are correct again and the same as the EP. But after that is where the first glitch comes in. Track 3 on Southern Fry'd is actually "Souf' West Rida" from Wing Dinner, which isn't even supposedly on this LP... which means now there's two too many songs on the LP's credits.

Well, when you take "Souf' West Rida"'s insertion into account, this line's up the track-listing for the album. Basically, every song on the track-listing is one ahead of the actual album. In other words track 4 is supposed to be "Already Gone," but it's actually "Southernwit," track 5 is supposed to be "Packedhouse" but it's actually "Already Gone," and so on right up to the end of the album. ...Which means that the last two songs listed, "Hell Yeah" and "Man Slaughter," aren't actually anywhere on this album (boo!).

Ok, that might be a little confusing to read out in paragraph form like that, so let's list it out properly... these are the new, accurate track-listings for both albums (you'll notice some titles are also spelled slightly different between projects), done in my unique discography-style. Again, this is what's really on them, not what they've written on the covers:

A Wing Dinner:
1. Way Cool Inst.
2. Harder & Harder
3. Souf' West Rida
4. Southern Wit
5. I'm Already Gone
6. Packed House
7. unknown freestyle
8. Line Postin' In Pedro Inst.
(B-Boy Kingdom - 1999)

Southern Fry'd Chicken:
1. Way Cool Inst.
2. Harder & Harder
3. Souf' West Rida
4. Southernwit
5. Already Gone
6. Packedhouse
7. Southern Fried
8. Good 4 Nothin (freestyle)
9. R.T.A.
10. Physical Form
11. Six-Tray
(B-Boy Kingdom/ Meanstreet - 2000)

So it's a little disappointing for Southern Fry'd Chicken... we lose two songs (which now I'm pretty darn curious about!), and just gain 1 that we already had on the EP. But it turns out Wing Dinner was a bit fuller than it took credit for, so I guess it almost balances out. Anyway, at least now we P.E.A.C.E. fans can sleep a little less confused at night.


  1. did a wing dinner ever get released on vinyl? i havent pulled out my southern fried vinyl for a hot second but i'm assuming its the same tracklisting (different cover though)...

  2. Nah, I'm pretty sure there was only vinyl of the LP, not the EP.

  3. thanks werner. i realize i probably could've just checked discogs or something, but i tend to find their FF/Blowed selection a tad lacking in terms of what is and what isnt out that a camp freestyle ep that came out years ago.. knew it got a digital release, then came across a copy @ gramaphone in chi-town, even though it wasn't available anywhere online (the wax, that is) and then something like 2 years later it started showing up domestically (toronto).. anyway, thanks for the info

  4. Hell Yeah was on the rerelease with the grey cover, and presumably Manslaughter is the same as Vehicular Manslaughter from Jizzm's Show Respect Here. so no reason to be curious about those