Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You Should Pay Close Attention When We Drop It

Update 9/27/11: The HHC site seems to be down, so I've posted the article below... Click 'em to enlarge 'em to a readable size.

The new issue of HHC Digital drops today, with a special double-length column (Fear Of the Rap! pages 18 & 19) by yours truly. Why is it double-length? 'Cause I needed the space to make a definitive, set-the-record-straight guide to the Natural Elements' unreleased tracks. There is possibly more misinformation online about them than any other hip-hop group ever... And I also had access to some pretty exclusive details, so even the really knowledgeable heads should learn something by clicking here. 8)

The rest of the issue's dope, too. There's a big look back on the DMC tournies throughout the years. I'm still reading most of it myself.

Oh, and by the way. You know their unreleased Tommy Boy LP (which I touch on briefly in the column)? Well, it's not gonna be unreleased much longer. We've got it from Traffic themselves that they've rescued it and are putting it out this year. Quote: "Yes, 12"s were released back in 90-whatever to promote the shelved album, this is that album. not a recent effort by some old, fat rappers trying to sound jiggy." ...That's a bit harsh; the new 2Face stuff sounds dope; not pseudo-jiggy. lol But, hey, it's all good news.

Hopefully, this will be different than the bootleg people have heard, too. In an interview for Unkut, L-Swift has said, "The album people have, it was never mixed down. Nothing was mixed down. The song 'I'm Not Sure Anymore' (Track 3 of the Natural Elements Unreleased Tommy Boy Album), we were going to have Super Cat on that one. Those are skeletons of songs. They were in pre-production period." So, hopefully the Traffic album will have all the meat on it.


  1. Lookingforward to this big time!

  2. Hey man, I need some info real quick.
    Do you have a ballpark figure year for NE's "Life Ain't Fair"?
    This guy recently uploaded a bootleg 12" of this and Truck Turner-
    the quality is a little bassy, but not terrible.
    It says 1998, but I could swear the song is from earlier..

  3. Oh shit...! Very interesting.

    He's probably right about the year; Truck Turner didn't come out until 1998 (or if not '98, it would have to be even more recent). So, yeah, those NE tracks would've been on the shelf for a few years before this came out.

  4. Thanks, man.
    So the NE track is probably, I'm guessing 95, 96, but the record 98.
    Thanks for the quick response.