Monday, August 16, 2010

The New, Raw Gospel

The Freestyle Professors are back! Not that they ever went anyplace. Well... I mean, of course they did. After 1994. All the way up until their comeback in 2006 they were away. That's a long time. But... since then, they haven't gone anyplace. They've stayed busy, putting in work releasing a grip of great vintage and new material on Freestyle Records. And this is their latest single, which just arrived this weekend.

This latest single, "Ghetto Gospel," was originally intended to be a B-side bonus to a Gryme Tyme single, but it never wound up happening. So they've rescued it from oblivion and released it as its own single on 7". And I'm glad they did, 'cause it's one of their better tracks, even by the Professors' high standards.

The production's pretty simple... a sick percussion sample and some gritty bass that reminds me of vintage Hobo Junction. It's raw. And lyrically, The Professors come just as raw.

"Who the fuck am I?
The voice to fill the void.
Since Griff and Chuck split,
The movement's been destroyed.
Now niggas sell they soul
To the devil for a dollar.
A million kids follow
These faggots with the power,
Who have an impact
On the youth of tomorrow."

It's a "kicking knowledge"-type of song, but definitely on the edgier hardcore tip. Besides the rhymes, the vocal samples played on the hook will make sure this song will never get radio airplay in a million years. Good shit.

Then the B-side is "Stanley Grimes" by... Stanley Grimes. Who's Stanley Grimes? He's a.k.a. Page the Hand Grenade, kind of one of the Freestyle Professors' extended family, and has been on a couple of their projects over the years. This song, like the A-side, is produced by Freestyle Professors member Branesparker. The beat's another banger, and Grimes has more of a light-hearted, witty delivery than the grimier style the Professors kick on the A-side - in fact, he reminds me a lot of Mr. Voodoo - and he comes nice over this track. This song has been included as an introduction to his debut EP, which Freestyle Records is set to drop in 2011.

This 7" is limited to 200 copies, so if you're interested, you might wanna act quickly. It's selling for $20, but those of us who pre-ordered got it for just $5 in a package deal with Branesparker's new EP with Nut-Rageous that's just been released at the same time. What's that? A Branesparker/Nut-Rageous collaborative EP? Yup! It's too much to get into now, though, so look out for tomorrow's update; I'll have a complete write-up. =)


  1. If you stamping it.It most be great,definitely gonna order a copy from there website

  2. Yup, I recieved this bundled along with Da Gritty and Da Grimey plus the Big L/Silky Black Double Pack. What a package!