Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once Again Back Is the Invincible

Invincible stays putting in work, and putting out vinyl in 2010. Her latest single, "Detroit Summer" with producer Waajeed, just arrived at my door today. It's a 7" single that's available through her own label/site

"Detroit Summer" is a sequel to "Detroit Winter" from Waajeed's production duo The Platinum Pied Pipers' album Triple P, which she featured on - as the chorus goes, "summer in the city, wonder how he made it through the winter." Both songs are time capsules, describing the experience of life in Detroit, scenically and introspectively.

A taste from "Detroit Winter:"

"Ruins of a metropolis not a populous shrinkin',
Inkin' deals to build as if the town's vacant.
Every empty lot remainin' a profound statement;
Every empty bottle claimin' all the drowned pain and sorrow."

But while "Summer" is still set in the bleakest of landscapes, it has more of an eye towards a productive future:

"Politicians make a fortune by thievin';
The air quality since the Model T could shorten ya breathin'.
Follow me to a city where empty lots turn to garden plots,
Got alternatives in place so we can disregard the cops."

Like its predecessor, the music of "Detroit Summer" does an effective job of evoking the season. Where "Winter" had darker beats and a somber tone, this one is livelier, brighter and features more change-ups throughout. On a more superficial level, "Summer" - with its sampled (I assume) children singing in the background and strident piano in the fore - is also just plain catchier, and something you'd probably be more inclined to turn to when you're just in the mood for some casual listening.

The B-side is "Emergence," a straight-up anthem for its label. With huge, old school drums and rockin' electric guitar riffs, sonically it comes off as an underground "Eye Of the Tiger" and vocally, it's a manifesto. "The type of feeling you can't codify, won't turn into a franchise, gotta customize and localize, deepenin' relationships, buildin' from the bottom -up."

So, it's a little disappointing this is just a 7", as opposed to a nice big ol' 12" full of bonus beats and remixes and stuff. But for a 7", you're probably not gonna find one presented better than this. It comes in a nice color-stamped picture sleeve (above), with a fun little manila envelope full of stickers, and best of all: a download card! I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is the way all vinyl releases should be packaged today, but unfortunately only a handful of labels have gotten around to picking up on this. Even cooler, in addition to the two songs, you're also able to download both instrumentals that didn't fit on the 7".

It's limited to 1000 copies, but let's face it - that's a full run in 2010. And it's not over-priced like those collectors' item limiteds; just a cool $5. There's not too many labels that consistently handle every single aspect of their releases right, but Emergence is one of them. And musically, Invincible and Waajeed are some of the best doing it today. So support; it's a great deal.

P.s. - you can check out the video, which blends the A- and B-side songs together, here.

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