Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lean Invincible

Grand Invincible are back. And if that cover looks familiar, it should - it's the same image as their last single, "Winter 365." That was the limited single off of this, their just-released and even more limited CD EP, also titled Winter 365. "Even more limited?" Yup, the vinyl was limited to 300 copies, and this EP is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies (mine's #19). It's not often the CD is more limited than the wax!

But the compelling aspect of this disc isn't its rarity; it's the fact that the vinyl was a 2-song single, and this is a 9-song CD. It includes both songs from the single, so 7 songs are all new. You might say 9 songs is a lot to be labeling this an EP as opposed to an album; but a lot of the songs are pretty short (five, more than half, are under two minutes long), and two of them are just instrumental. But the brevity works in its favor. It's lean, no filler - a tight, compelling listen straight through, which you'll want to start over again as soon as it ends.

A couple guests are on hand here. Besides the posse cut from the 7", there's "Gigantic," a fun duet between Luke and an MC named M.D. who seems determined to steal the spotlight with clever line after clever line. Then you've got "Eric Isley" by... Eric Isley, given a whole song to himself. I'd never heard of him before, but I felt compelled to check him out - here's his myspace - and he's pretty dope.

But the real stars are Grand Invincible themselves. Eons One's production just seems to be getting better and better with each release. And Luke Sick feels very at home over,, his style blending with Eons' production more naturally than ever. Tracks like "Undertaker of Mics" and "Detachable Hood" are at least as good as the two songs we already heard on the single.

Winter 365 comes in a stickered gatefold sleeve and includes some bonus stickers, a fold-out booklet and a "freight outline mini-zine" (uhh... just google "mini-zine"). They're only $8, including shipping, so I'd definitely move to score one while you can.

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