Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The First Hot Release of 2012

The music world may be going digital - or, really, it may've gone fully digital years ago - but hip-hop hasn't run out of good vinyl projects yet. It's just the beginning of January, and there's already a hot new release. Specifically, Grand Invincible are back with a new single called "Winter 365" on Revelation Records, a long-standing punk label dropping their first venture into the hip-hop genre.

"Winter 365" has a tight, atmospheric groove with some really nice vocal samples cut up into the hook - very Premierish. All in all, it's a perfect landscape for Luke Sick to kick the kind of Bukowski-inspired raps only he can: "Scaredy-cat MCs, they get no dap. Scared to come to the dives, thinkin' they ain't that. I can drink a shot of Jameson and not even flinch. Got a street crowd open so you know its intent. And if you be where I be, then you know it's intense. No tellin' 'bout tomorrow, so we don't make sense. Told a true-ass story, but forgot how it went."

The B-side is a posse cut featuring Agentstriknine, Eddie K, and of course Z-Man. The beat is good, but not as good as the A-side, and the verses are a little all over the place. No one manages to share the spotlight with our host, who steals his own show. That's a little disappointing in Z-Man's case... I hope he isn't mellowing out on us in 2012.

As you can see above, this is pressed on orange vinyl and comes in a pretty great picture cover. It is a 7" rather than a proper 12", but at just $5, you really can't argue about the value. It's limited to 300 copies, and can be ordered directly from the label here.

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  1. technically its on 625 an even smaller hardcore/punk label. revelation is merely the distributor releasing it. max the main man behind 625 was in a great band called spazz with eons. even though the were a hardcore band they used plenty of hip-hop beats and samples, and fully show their love for hip-hop.