Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meet Mood At the Lounge

The vaults of Cincinnati's Mood are truly bottomless! Some time ago, I blogged about a demo or two of theirs that was full of unreleased tracks. Then, a demo appeared online (also referred to in that last link) with other unreleased Mood tracks that weren't on the ones I had. And now they've come out with a new vinyl release featuring two more previously unreleased tracks that no one'd ever heard before. It's like a magician's hat; no matter how much they pull out, there's still more!

So, what is this release exactly? Well, it's sort of a repress of their first two 12"s. See, their debut 12" in 1994 was "Verbal Stampede" b/w "Hustle On the Side" on their own label, Below Zero Records. Both of those songs are repressed on here, as well as the remix of "Verbal Slaughter," which was also on the original 12". They dumped the Edited versions, to which I say "good riddance," but they also dumped the Instrumentals, which is a little disappointing... but only until you hear what they took them off to make room for.

Mood's second 12", from 1995 and their only other release on Below Zero, was a remix of their original B-side, "Hustle On the Side." This was the debut production of DJ Hi-Tek, producer for Kweli/ Reflection Eternal. And yep, they've included that mix on this record as well.

But this 12" isn't just a repress - even a pretty sweet one that cherry picks their first two singles - it also features two previously unreleased tracks from those aforementioned vaults: "Can't Fuck With My Crew" and "Not Goin' Pop." And everything is up to par. If you dig Doom's style, you'll definitely dig the stuff you haven't heard... creative, backpackery lyrics and jazzy, moody samples over traditional, boom-bap drums. Everything except the Hi-Tek remix is produced by Doom's own Jahson.

The price of entry will surely disappoint some fans ($40)... You all know the limited game by now. So you'll have to decide just how big a Mood fan you are. But, if you are that Mood fan, your expectations will be fully met. And they also didn't skimp on the presentation. When you order, you have your choice of marbleized green, orange or classic black wax. It comes in a tight picture cover, it's hand-numbered (mine's 72 of a total 250 pressed), and it's even signed by Donté. The sound quality is excellent, all remastered from the original recordings. This is the third record on the GoodFelons label, following Roc Marciano's EP and Labtekwon; and can be ordered here. It's a first class release all the way - these guys do good work.

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  1. Yeah I'm hoping the 3 below zero joints get pressed.. Love that "Mr Everything" joint!