Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Force Is Slammin'

I appreciated Tha Grimm Teachaz project, and "Loco-Motive" was hot... but what if you're trapped in the 80s? Jurassic 5 was live, but they took it all the way back to the 70s. I know, you want that Sleeping Bag vibe. I know because so do I. Well, have I got the throwback rap project for the both of us: The Force Is Slammin' EP by Rime Force Most Illin'.

Rime Force Most illin' is the latest project from Sacred Hoop's Luke Sick, and partner in rhyme Rob Rush. Last summer, I posted about their Supalove prelude tape, which featured a DJ mix of a couple of their upcoming tracks on side A, and a live show on the flip. Well, the project they were building to is finally here, another killer cassette tape (of course!) release on Mega Kut. And, actually, it's pretty much all new material. I was expecting all the songs we heard on the mix side of Supalove to be here, just in full, unblended versions, but no. The original mp3 ("On Dope") they dropped on the 'net when they first announced the group is here; but otherwise, it's all different stuff on both tapes. We did hear live versions of some of these songs on side 2 of Supalove; but the tracks from the mix are all exclusive to that tape, so hope you picked that one up!

But if you did sleep on that tape, at least make sure you don't sleep on this one (and hey, you can still get the mp3s from their bandcamp), because this in no way disappoints. It's just a six-song EP; but it's so damn good, I'm kinda glad they didn't risk diluting it by adding five or six more songs. Now, the production credits aren't too clear... they tell us Fatees, Vrse Murphy, Proe, G-Pek and Rob Rush produced the tracks (and DJ Quest did the cuts), but they don't specify who did which ones (though I think I can guess one that Vrse did!). Regardless, for all the chefs involved, this tape has a more consistently old school feel than the Supalove tape. It's less a blending of the Gurp City and 80s style, and more like Rob and Luke just went back in time to record with The Tuff Crew.

The opener, "Biggest Party of the Century" is perhaps the best example. Constant cuts, hand claps, cowbell, familiar samples... but all crazy hardcore. And it ends with a perfect breakdown at the end where they declare, "now check out my boy as he imitates Prince," and Quest cuts up a signature guitar riff."Rime Force Most Illin'" has more of a west coast influence, and "We Get the Most Props" has a fast-paced rolling bassline that sounds like something DWG should be preserving. "On Dope" shakes things up with a bold, strident piano loop over its crackly drum track; and the title track has a great rudimentary, random rap feel to it. The only track that doesn't really fit the mold is "Rawhide," but you have to forgive it, because it's a masterpiece of instrumental and cinematic samples; one of those songs where as soon as it's over, you rewind it back because you just have to hear it again.

This limited edition tape is available for only $5 from, and that includes a downloadable mp3 version as well, so there is really no reason for anyone not to get this. If we're chatting six months from now and you tell me this isn't in your collection, iw ill literally be disappointed in you. I'm tellin' you.


  1. Nice one, Werner. Never heard of these guys before, but that tape is ill. Bought one a few minutes ago.

  2. I'm going to have to go to storage and get my nakamichi tape deck now. and then order this tape.