Friday, April 5, 2013

Youtube Vs. Werner and Fair Use Law

So I, or rather my Youtube channel, was just made the focus of a fairly extensive article on the site Apparently, Youtube has a hitherto unknown contract with UMG (Universal Music Group), and possibly other labels, to ignore DMCA counter-notifications regarding videos that involve their content.  And I was unlucky enough to be one of the first test-cases, I guess. In other words, Youtube is ignoring Fair Use law because labels are paying them to.

The article explains it much better than I am, so please, have a read. And if you don't know much about copyright law and how it applies to the 'net, DMCAs, etc, browse around the rest of the site; it's an excellent, educational resource.

Update! has picked up the story. They interviewed me and did some more research on their own.  Check it out here. Hopefully, this leads to us getting some information, so people could know what YT will and won't support.

A second update! (I hope you brought your reading glasses): Techdirt has picked up the story, too.  You can read it here.

Lucky update #3: The Daily Dot just interviewed me for a new article covering the on-going story.  Check it out here. I don't really expect we'll convince Youtube or UMG to get right on this issue (though that would be great), but we should at least find out what these contracts are, who they're with, and which Fair Use videos Youtube won't protect as a consequence.

Howzabout a fourth update?: PCMag has picked up the story; you can read it here


  1. Where can we watch your video? Do you have it up somewhere else?

    -Jamie M.

    1. Yes, it's up on Dailymotion at the moment. :)