Monday, June 9, 2008

(Werner Necro'd) All Day Outsidaz: The Interview part 1

I just got Pace Won's new CD in the mail today (more on that next post), so in honor of that, I'm necro'ing my Outsidaz interview from the late 90's. Around this time, Eminem's Slim Shady EP exploded and word had just got out that he was signing with Dr. Dre, Pace Won was coming out on Roc-A-Blok Records, Rah Digga had become a member of Busta Rhymes' Flipmode Squad; and they were all setting to come with their debut family album.

What's up with the Outsidaz right now? What've you got coming out? The last I heard was "Rain or Shine"...

Pace Won: Yup. Our next white label, we've been discussing it.... So far it looks like it's either gonna be "Brick City" or a song called "Murderah," y'know I'm sayin'? Keepin' it hot. Pace Won, Young Zee, Slang Ton, Dee You, Gino from Family Affair Management, Kobie from Proceed Entertainment, and we all in here just... doin' nothin'.

Young Zee:
Outsidaz is just, right now we underground, you know. We always been underground. We tryin' to take it over the level, though. We just gotta wait 'till it's our time. Pace Won comin', Zee's comin', Digga's comin', Eminem's comin'. We all comin'. But right now it's just Pace, Digga, & Eminem with their name on the line. We got a couple offers on the line, but you know...

Slang Ton: We still negotiatin'.

Young Zee: We don't like to talk to much until it's happened, though, really. Once we come, then we can start runnin' our mouth.

Pace Won: Our last white label was called, "Rain or Shine." It's on Outhouse/ Proceed. That's the white label we got. Featuring Yah Lova, Axe, Pace Won, and Young Zee.

So, is "Outhouse" your label?

Pace Won: Yup. So far, it's our production company, tryin' to make it become a label, you know what I mean?

Where are y'all producing out of?

Pace Won: We got a little studio, it's called the Outhouse. It's off 20th Street & Springfield Avenue in Irvington. Our management group's down there, too. It's called Family Affairs; one floor below our studio.

Cool; yeah... so if y'all just wanna go down the line with... like, I know Young Zee had that album out on Perspective... Rah Digga...

Young Zee:
Actually, I ain't have no album on Perspective. It was only, uh... they put a couple singles out, but they ain't do it the right way, anyway.

Pace Won: He was supposed to have a LP...

Music Meltdown, right?

Young Zee: I recorded it, but they ain't never release it.

Pace Won: Ok, Outsidaz: Young Zee, Pace Won, Yah Lova, Rah Digga, Denzy, Azzizz, Dee You, Loon One, Slang Ton, you know I mean? That's our members. In the Outsidaz we got the No Brain Class. That's Young Zee, his brother Yah Lova, and his DJ, Mudd. I'm a soloist, Pace Won. Rah Digga a soloist. We got another group called The Doepliss: Loon One and Slang Ton, Azzizz - he's a soloist, Slim Shady - he's a soloist on Aftermath: Dr. Dre's label; you know that's hot, We got Dee You, Denzy - Denzy's the youngest, you know, he's upcoming. And we got another group of Outsidaz in Detroit, you know I'm sayin'? Big up Proof, Bizarre, you know I'm sayin'? And Denyne.

So are they recording separately from you guys? Like, out there in Detroit, they have their own studio? That kinda thing?

Pace Won: Yup, yup. But we stay in touch.

Dee You: We send vocals on dats to 'em.

Young Zee: We go out there and record in their studio, too, and then they come over in the Outhouse studio, so it's all g.

Pace Won: And we use mail, and phone... alla that. Keep it tight. (Holds up a photo) This is Rah Digga, she's in Flipmode. She's representing the Outsidaz and Flipmode. And she's on Elektra... On Flipmode/ Elektra, that's Busta's label.

And that album's coming out in September, right?

Pace Won: Yup, yup. We all do something on it. She's currently on the Smokin' Grooves Tour, ya know I mean? She's out there making it HOT for us, hot...

Young Zee: Pace Won album about to come, you know... his white label about to come. Everybody pay attention for that. It's called, "Step Up," and the other joint's called, uhm... What's the joint called?

Pace Won: "I Declare War."

Young Zee: Yeah, "I Declare War." They be changing the white label all the time, you know, but that's the one that's comin' so be prepared.

Pace Won: It's comin' at the end of the month.

Young Zee: Yeah.

Pace Won: Late September...

And that's with Roc-A-Blok, right?

Young Zee: Right.

Pace Won: Uh-huh, yup.

Young Zee: Check me and Pace out when we do shows... we be whylin'. And me an' Digga... And all the Outsidaz, you know I'm sayin'? It's all g. Newark!

So how'd everybody here hook up with the Outsidaz? How'd y'all get together, all that?

Pace Won: Well, at first it was just me and Dee You. We used to rap together, you know I'm sayin'... We wasn't called the Outsidaz yet. We was called PNS - that's Prepared, Never Scared, you know I mean? Then we got Slang and Loon...

Young Zee: No y'all didn't!

Pace Won: In PNS we did.

Young Zee: Ohh...

Pace Won:
And then we went out...

Young Zee: There wasn't no Outsidaz before me!

Pace Won: And then, when we went out, we met Zee. And we formed the Outsidaz. After that, Zee brought in Rah Digga. I went out to Detroit and got with Eminem, you know I'm sayin'? We made it tight. We just became a family. Azzizz got down from... He Yah Lova's friend. He was around us, he was real fresh on the rap tip.

Young Zee: Basically, when I came along, you know I'm sayin'... (Laughs)

Slang Ton: (holds up magazine) Yo, there goes Digga right here; she in The Source.

Young Zee: Yeah, Digga up in there... she up in there with the, uhm... Flipmode Tour, and the, uhm, Smokin' Grooves Tour, too.

Pace Won: That's the new one?

Slang Ton: Yeah.

They've got a review of the album in the back, too.

Pace Won: The Flipmode? Their album is hot, though.

Slang Ton: Yeah, word up.

Dee You:
That'll be good when the album's out...

Pace Won: My labelmates, The Sporty Thievez just got 3 1/2 in the last Source, you know... They're out there, makin' it hot right now. Roc-A-Blok, ya know I mean? All my peoples is hot. Big up Redman, Roz Noble, The Govna... He was reviewed in Independants Day last month.

Right. Y'all were just on that...

Pace Won: Right. Redman, Roz, Runt Dog, Tame One from the Artifacts, ya know I mean? tryin' to make it hot.

Young Zee: Most definitely... So, you know, Outsidaz comin' with they album, and then we got a spin-off of a whole bunch of solo artists, you know I'm sayin'? Such as myself, we got Slang Ton, Dee You, Azzizz... We got the artists that's out there, now, and then we got some new ones coming. So just be prepared that when we got our feet all the way in, we ain't never stopping. It's coming.

So that collective Outsidaz album; is that gonna be like a white label, or are y'all waitin' to get signed?

Young Zee: Nah. We gonna do that on the label. We not gonna do...

Slang Ton: With a budget.

Pace Won: Big budget. Big, big, big budget.

Young Zee: We're negotiating some joints now, but you know... If anything else come along, we're gonna entertain that, too.

So what've you got... Like, I know I heard a song called "Hard Act to Follow"...

Young Zee:
Yeah. That's with me, Slang, Yah, Digga, Eminem, and Azzizz... So, that's hot. Eminem's got his joint comin' out called, "Hi, My Name Is."

Kobie: Eminem's single is "Brain Damage" and "Just Don't Give a Fuck." His lawyer called and said that's the one that Interscope is servin'.

Young Zee: I got a tape for you, too. You know what I mean? Some hot Outsidaz stuff... Joints you can listen to, check it out. There's a joint on there called "Brick City," you might wanna throw that on the internet.

Pace Won: That's probably our next white label... that slash "Murderah!" If I ain't already plug it, let me plug it, again.

Do you have a date on for The Pace Won Effect?

Pace Won: Uhmm... early 9-9. January 9-9. 'Cause I got two singles comin' right now. That's "I Declare War"/ "Step Up" then I'll be doing something else... I did a song with Wyclef; that's gonna be next.

You've already worked with the Fugees before, right?

Pace Won: Me, Young Zee, and Rah. Called "Cowboys."

Young Zee:
We did a song with Kurupt off Pace album, too.

Pace Won: And John Forte. ...And my group the Outsidaz.

Young Zee: Nowadays, MC's think, in order to win, they gotta have a whole bunch of famous MC's that's already on, on their album. It's not about expressing yourself no more. We got close personal friends in the industry like Busta, Keith... a couple people... Red. If we have a couple people like that on the album... You know, it's gonna be crazy. 'Cause madd people got a million people on the album. And we really wanna just do us and let a couple of our friends come rap.

Pace Won: The lyrical ones, ya know I'm sayin'?

Young Zee: Don't look for a million MC's that's already out to be on our joint.

It's like that with the Outsidaz, anyway, 'cause people already know half your members...

Young Zee: Yeah, you know I'm sayin'... And all our solo joints, too. You're gonna hear a lot of solos.

Dee You:
A lot of solo mc's. You know how they do compilation albums, they wanna make sure they sell records now. It becomes like routine.

Pace Won: I got with 'Clef and Kurupt and, uhm, John Forte 'cause I like them. I'm a fan of theirs. So, of course, hookin' up with them was like natural.

Young Zee: We're gonna come with mad shit. You gonna see. Everybody's gonna see. On their solo joints, niggas gonna excel. And then the Outsidaz joint's just gonna take it above the rim.

What's the science behind the title: The Pace Won Effect?

Pace Won: Pace Won, my name, is like the cause. Pace Won represents hip-hop. When you hear my name, i want you to think, like, good hip-hop. And every cause got an effect, so it's The Pace Won Effect. My life, what I witnessed, how I rap, how it is in my hood. Just basic stuff, ya know I mean? With some creamy beats! Like Ski, Govna, Wyclef, Eyewitness, Young Zee, the Outhouse. And I'm gonna try to take it over. Thank you.

Young Zee: Pace Won's joint opened up a lot of doors for everybody. Everybody got a chance.

Pace Won: So did Young Zee's album. I met Ski through Zee, when he was Perspective. You know, Ski did "Problems," "you don't want no problems." After that, Ski was like, "I'm messin' with y'all."

Young Zee: Our only problem is, with signing, with the labels we're negotiating with, is we need to make sure our label can keep up with us, you know I'm saying?

Pace Won: Make sure the label's tryin' to win, you know I'm sayin'? Some labels just be throwing acts out, see what they can do. My label's Columbia. They're winners. So I got complete confidence in them. And we're trying to get the Outsidaz on a label like that. That's really trying to win.

To be continued immediately...

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