Monday, June 9, 2008

(Werner Necro'd) All Day Outsidaz: The Interview part 2

...continued from part 1.

So what's up with Musical Meltdown now? Is that never coming out?

Young Zee: It's, like, you know. Out with the old, in with the new.

Pace Won: BUT, we might put out the bootleg version.

Slang Ton: Word up.

'Cause I know a lot of people were waitin' for that album... It got reviewed and all that, then it never came out.

Young Zee: We do so much joints, it don't really matter. I did my album in like, what? Two months?

Pace Won: Word up.

Young Zee: Pace did his album in like, what? Two months?

Pace Won: Three months.

Young Zee: It's too easy. There's a million of us. There's like competition in between us. This what we do everyday.

Pace Won:
This our 9 to 5; this is what we do. We rap. That's is our career. We take it seriously.

Young Zee: I don't wanna give no other magazine props, but you heard about the battle, like...?

Blaze. Yeah.

Young Zee: We do that everyday.

Pace Won: Schoolin' MC's.

Young Zee: See, you gotta understand, we got a studio in Newark. So that means that everybody in Newark, or around Irvington, East Orange, whatever... All the MC's from Red all the way down come through our studio. And they always tryin' to show they ass. See if they can be fresher than us or whatever. But... It don't never happen. But it always prepare us for when somebody else come. It be like friendly battles in Newark. If you ain't from Newark, it ain't really a friendly battle. But it's all g. ...We got Rah Digga, take all the females. All the Outz is like warriors, when we trying to go out for battle, we out for blood.

Dee You: Plus, the freshest white boy on the planet.

Pace Won: What?

Gino: have you heard of him?

Yeah, I heard the Slim Shady EP & Infinite...

Gino: You liked it?

Yeah, it was ill. Definitely.

Pace Won: The EP's HOT.

Gino: You heard the Bizarre EP?

Nah, I haven't heard that.

Bizarre's got an EP, too.

Dee You: Somebody stole my Bizarre EP!

Pace Won:
Yo, we on it. A song called, "Get the Dick." Bizarre's our solo artist from Detroit.

What'd he put that out on? His own label, or?

Pace Won: Yeah, Web Entertainment. They tryin' to make it hot. The same people that put out the Slim Shady EP.

And are y'all gonna be on Eminem's album, too, on Aftermath? 'Cause that's a prety big deal right there.

Dee You: Yes, sir. Well, I recorded a couple joints for him. Whether Dr. Dre pick 'em or not is something different. But, yeah, we have songs with Emzy. We have mad songs. He's on our first real single. It's called, "Mama, I Said." He on there. Me, Slang, Eminem, and Zee.

And when's that comin' out? What's up with that?

Dee You: Well, that's comin' out after we get our deal. But our first single is "Brick City"/ "Murderah" or something along those lines.

So how did Rah Digga hook up with Flipmode?

Pace Won: Well, Zee, once again... He was on Perspective. He did a remix for one of his singles, "Get High" with Q-Tip. And Tip met Digga and liked her, ya know I'm sayin'. But you Tip was doin' some other stuff with some other rapper... What's his name? Consequence. So he was goin' through all that. So, Busta was getting' ready to do his album, and he was like, "Yo, let me get Diggy," and she went over and did it. She got with them.

Young Zee: So, what's the flava? ...What's up with The Source? When y'all comin' out with the compilation album?

What do you mean? The Source puts out collective hits like, Source album, Source Pioneers... You mean like new material?

Pace Won:
That was supposed to have BEEN come out, The Unsigned Hype album, right?

Slang Ton: They used to write it, like, way back. When you win this, they gonna put you in the compilation... They were always talkin' about ten months, and that shit never came out.

Pace Won: Source be frontin'... Source be frontin'.

Dee You: Write us as Unsigned Hype.

Pace Won: Why not? Here go our demo, I mean, here go our bio. There's our demo. Un...signed... Hype...for the month... of... Oc...tober.

But, you're about to be signed.

Pace Won: Sign us before we get the deal, ok? Sign us before we get the deal. Unsigned Hype.

Young Zee: Who hyper than us right now?

Slang Ton:
Tell 'em Fugees, "Cowboys." People were lovin' it.

Pace Won:
Debuted number 7, BET's Rap City. Thank you.

And, yeah, you also had a single out with Lauryn Hill, right?

Young Zee: Yeah.

Kobie: That was on the album. That was never a single.

Who would y'all say are your favorite rappers?

Pace Won: LL! ...Biggie, Jay-Z, & Nas! (laughs)

Young Zee:
Right now, who's tearin' it down? Big Pun. I like Big Pun.

Slang Ton:
It depends on my mind state... 'Cause when I feel like tearin' somebody's skull off, I like some DMX.

Pace Won: It's gotta be like, some... maybe Busta, you know what I'm sayin'? KRS, Red, Nas, Biggie, and Meth...

Young Zee: I'm talkin' about who's lyrically killin' it right now.

Pace Won: The niggas I just named!

Slang Ton: I said DMX.

And have y'all got any shows comin' up?

Dee You: Yeah, we're gonna be at the Coliseum on the 15th, then we'll be at the Paramount on the 23rd...

Slang Ton: The Meadowlands!

Pace Won: We're at Union Square on the 18th...

(Everybody laughs)

Pace Won: Nah, right now, we've just been talkin'.

Just negotiations. That's stressful.

So Zee, have you got any plans to do another solo project, or are you holdin' off on that right now?

Young Zee: I'm negotiatin' that now... Right now, they've got a contingent upon the Outsida project. So, you know, just tryin' to smooth out all the edges. Then we gonna sign that damn thing, get this money, do this album. You know what I'm sayin'? We're gonna go away to do the album.

DJ Muhammed: Who's your favorite rap performer?



(Everybody laughs.)

Dee You: Fuck you think this is? MTV?

DJ Muhammed: Come on. Y'all keep laughin', he's not gonna answer the question.

I don't know... Just before you came, I was watching a video of The X-Men...

DJ Muhammed: The X-Men?

Yeah, the DJ's...

Young Zee: Ay-ight.

DJ Muhammed: The Outz is one of the top performers. A lot of rappers can make songs, but they can't perform. But the Outz got stage presence.

Y'all do a lot of live DJ'ing and shit? 'Cause lately...

Young Zee: That's our live DJ!

Slang Ton: We got like 4 DJ's... DJ Muhammed, 3rd Rail...

And what's this Kid Capri you're coming out on?

Pace Won: I did a song with John Forte, Nature, and Rock from So-So Def, it's called, "Columbians."

That's gonna be on The Soundtrack to the Streets album?

Pace Won: That's gonna be on the b-side to the single.

To be continued immediately...

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