Monday, June 9, 2008

(Werner Necro'd) All Day Outsidaz: The Interview part 3

...continued from part 2.

So what's up with you guys and The Dirty Dozen? Is Em still down with them?

Pace Won: Oh, the Dirty Dozen? Well, I don't really know about The Dirty D... The last time I talked to them, they said they were havin' a little trouble. But they're probably still together. It's probably cool. They're just slow recordin' 'cause Em went out west, and they live in Detroit, so it's a little hard recordin'; so they had cooled it for a minute. But I think, as of now, it's back in service.

Who do you think is gonna do solo projects after Em and the projects people know about now? Who've you got lined up next?

Pace Won: Uhmm... I'd say Slang Ton, Dee You gonna do his project, and Azzizz. And the No Brain Class. They're not solo, but that's a group in the Outz: Young Zee, Yah Lova, DJ Muhammed.

And now when's your first single coming out? What's your first single gonna be again?

Pace Won: "I Declare War", and the b-side "Step Up." It's coming in like a week, for the end of the month. A week, ten days... Do me, do me good. Do me right, know I mean? Don't make me come in here blazin' nothin'. I'll blaze this bitch, believe me. Don't play with me.

Well, before anybody sneaks outta here, is there anything anybody wants to say to people who maybe don't know y'all yet?

Slang Ton: Look for our subsidiary group, the Outslangaz.

Pace Won: Ahhh! (laughs) The Outslangaz, yes. I'd just like to say, I know it's been a long time. You've probably been hearin' about us for a while. I'd just like to say the politics is a bitch you know what I mean? But we're still comin', we still do our hip-hop every day, it's still true to us. We're not sellin' out. Let's keep it real. The politics still holdin' us back. Thank you.

Young Zee: Yeah, this is Young Zee. I wanna say, you know, we work out of our studio in Newark. It's called Outhouse Productions. You know, we got 22-tracks, whatever. Y'all can call, if you want to. Book a session. It's all g. It's Young Zee. I'm on Pace Won's project, The Pace Won Effect...

Pace Won:"Nobody" & "Keep On."

Young Zee: ...I'm on Krs-One's new album, so you can check that comin' out. I'm on Busta's new solo album, so you can check that out. Rah Digga, my wife, you know, I'm on her joint. It's all g.

And Digga was on that "Temple of Hip-Hop", right?

Young Zee: Yeah, most definitely. So, y'all can check for me. And all y'all ladies, who want a date or something, you know I'm saying? I can't do it. I got my girl. It's all g, though.

Pace Won: You know what I mean?

Young Zee: But Pace don't got no girl!

Pace Won:
Don't say that, don't say that... I got a wonderful woman at home. (Laughs) Gave my girl a plug.

And how would y'all describe the Outsidaz to those who haven't heard y'all yet?

Young Zee: Playful. Jokey. Everybody joke too much. Everybody laugh. It's all a game to us. It's real, but, as a personality. We don't let nothin' stop us from having fun, you know what I'm sayin'? It's all g.

Pace Won: I'd just like to say that the clique is innovative, you know what I'm sayin'? Freestyle type rappers... Story-tellers, some of us.

Slang Ton:
Battle rappers, punch lines...

Pace Won: Battle rappers... talkin' about versatile rappers, you know I'm sayin'?

Young Zee: We don't let nothin' hold us back! We don't really care, you know I'm saying?

Pace Won: Original hip-hop type shit. We just kept doin' it. A little tricky lyrics and hardcore beats.

Young Zee: I don't care if my album don't never drop, I'ma still be waxin' mc's asses.

Pace Won:

Young Zee:
That's just how it goes.

Pace Won: That's just how we feel about it.

Dee You:
Chris Tucker, mother fucker.

Young Zee:
Chris Tucker, mother fucker!

(Everybody laughs.)

On the flip side, what kind of hip-hop... what's the worst thing you think is going on in hip-hop right now? What kinda styles...

Slang Ton:
The worst thing right now is the remakin'. Because, to me, the audience in hip-hop, the fans... Whatever's popular is what they jump on to. It's not necessarily who's fresher no more. Like whatever's popular. If you hear a song a million times on Hot 97, you're gonna start liking that shit, and that's wrong. And it kinda makes the audience lean towards garbage.

Pace Won: And, also, the bad flip side to me is the politics. Behind the scenes, how much publishing these companies is trying to get you for. The little weak-ass advances they're trying to give people, you know I'm sayin'? This is our livin'! I expect to make at least minimum wage, God dammit. More than that! So alla that bad politics needs to stop. They need to stop that right there. I don't know who controls it, or whatever they're thinking up there, but they need to stop that. The contracts is too in-depth right now. I'll tell you, right now, I signed November 3rd 1997. I looked at my contract goin' "What the fuck is this?" A whole bunch of "forth"'s and "thou shalt"'s. I thought it was the bible out this motherfucker. They should be like, "You record. You make such and such. Ass blank. Sign it." Leave that shit out! It be too much motherfucking politics.

And you've got a video coming out for your new joint?

Pace Won: Yup. My white label joint. I be shootin' it next month. I don't got the date for it, yet, but October. "I Declare War" and "Step Up". I'll probably do a conjunction video, you know? Two videos in one. That's what we gonna talk about. Just get the little effect ready! Dee You's album called, The Brown Hornet.

Dee You:
The World is Flat!

Pace Won: The World is Flat. My bad. He updates it like every other day. Now the world is flat and shit. Nah, The World is Flat, know what I mean? Slang Ton?

Slang Ton: Pork.

(Everybody laughs)

Pace Won:
Young Zee, what you doin'? NBC album, what's the name?

Young Zee:
What's the name of it? No Brain Class.

Pace Won: ...Self-titled debut album. Mine'll be The Pace Won Effect.

Young Zee: Young Zee album: Paranoia! Coming soon...

Pace Won:
I-ight. Zee comin' with a solo, AND a group AND another group! He just can't stop. It won't stop...

Slang Ton: The Big Slang Theory.

Pace Won: All the Slangs got together... BOW!!

Slang Ton: Made the Slang universe.

Pace Won:
The Big Slang Theory instead of the big bang theory.

Yo, if you could work with somebody now, who you haven't worked with before...

Pace Won: Yo, my man asked me this yesterday. And, totell the truth, Nas. I'm not kiddin'. I would work with Nas... Either Nas, or... if I could pick somebody else... maybe Meth. Nas or Meth. I met 'em both, they're real cool brothers. I ain't never stepped to 'em on that tip, but if I could, I would. ...I did, like, three songs with Meth - excuse me - with Red, before, you know I'm sayin'? With the Outsidaz.

Is that gonna be on one of y'all's albums?

Pace Won: Not on his album, but on our album... He's got, like, two joints on there. ...Ok, let's bust it. (knockin' beat on table) Ok, ok... I can't rap and do it at the same time, sorry fellas.

Dee You: I hate niggas that can do that!

Young Zee:
(Knockin'.) One for the money/ two for the time/ I know Slang Ton/ I know Busta Rhymes. Come on. That's the easiest thing in the world.

Slang Ton: (Knockin'.) Yo/ I kill you/

(Everybody laughs)

Slang Ton: Drill you/ spill through... I don't know.

How do you feel about off-the-head rhyming? Do you think you really gotta freestyle off the head to be a good MC?

Young Zee: Well, yeah. It'll help.

Pace Won: It'll help. 'Cause, like, from my personal experience, sometimes I'll be on stage, and I might mess up. And that's when freestylin' kicks in like, "Hit that, split that, get back before I kick raps!"

Dee You: Some of the rhymes we come up with, just freestylin'. You don't even know it.

Pace Won: And, plus, when you just got a hot beat, and then your crew comes together, and you start cypherin' a little freestyle, the hook, everything..

Dee You: The concept of the song.

Young Zee: All the time you talkin', Zee's still readin' about this drug shit goin' on, ya know?

Pace Won: I-ight. ...That drug life's got his interest, you see? He started readin' it.

Young Zee: Shit's crazy, yo.

Slang Ton:
He love that drug game.

Dee You: If you write rhymes, you should be able to freestyle, yo. It should come natural.

Slang Ton:
If they can think of it...

Pace Won: They don't, but they probably can, though. Even though... they might not be good at it.

Dee You:
If they can't freestyle, don't do it!

Pace Won:
Everybody can freestyle. I know people that don't rap that be freestylin'.

DeeYou: If you're not a good freestyler, don't freestyle then. I'd rather just hear your writtens.

Pace Won: Niggas just come out like, "Yo! Yo/ Joe/ Schmoe... Yo!"

Dee You:
Yo, we 'bout to bounce, boy. We ain't got all day with these internet people.

Pace Won:
For real, I do gotta run to the label. 'Cause "I Declare War" might be comin' back today. Gotta go check, boy! I feel giddy like a little kid 'cause I've been waitin' for a long time to just put out a song, you know? I've been rapping since I was like 12. I started rapping after I heard, "La Di Da Di." I always liked rap before that, but "La Di Da Di" got me like, "Yo, I can bust this... That shit he talkin' about right there, I can sing slicker! Slicker than the Ricker," know what I mean? So, I started busting rhymes. Me and Dee You was in our basement. "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!" You know how that goes. Just tappin' and recordin'. I always waited to drop this single.... Just a single, an album, you know, just see how the public responds to it. Yeah, I'm excited. And for my Outsidaz clique, too, 'cause now it's like contracts are on the table for us, so I'm real excited to see what could turn out of this event, this experience I've been going through.

The Outsidaz have of course since broken up, but most of them are still doing music, sometimes even other. Hopefully maybe they can reform some day soon. Here're the links to their myspaces: Young Zee, Pace Won, Rah Digga, Az Izz, Eminem, Muhammad, Yah Yah, Bizarre and D.U.

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