Thursday, June 12, 2008

The State of Hip-Hop Vinyl and You

Following up this post...

CNN is now apparently catching onto the vinyl resurgence story, too - have a look at this article they posted on Tuesday. The whole thing is totally relevant, but check out the bit towards the end, where they quote Cathy Hagen, manager at 2nd Avenue Records in Portland, "People have been buying vinyl all along. There was a fairly good supply from independent labels on vinyl all these years. As far as a resurgence, the major labels are just pressing more now."

Based on the first few months' sales, Neilsen Soundscan project LPsales to be up 60% in 2008. And that's just LPs - we all know inhip-hop it's all about the 12" singles, 'ey?

Even the major labels are catching on again. Vinyl is coming back strong. Everyone knows this except... hip-hop.

In a discussion on the forums, Sage Francis (who's no longer just looking at the sales of his own music, but his entire label's) said that the new B. Dolan and Prolyphic & Reanimator EPs would probably be the last vinyl releases he'd be putting out, explaining, "Some people talk about how vinyl sales are up due to CDs becoming obsolete due to digital downloads, but that's not true according to me and other people I've spoken with in the industry. Vinyl sales are hurting."

Hip-hop fans, it's on us. For decades, we've been championing the format while everyone else thought vinyl was dead and buried. I know... I talked all about that in the last article. Now look, the top vinyl sellers (according to Amazon's new Vinyl Records section) are Madonna's latest album, Coldplay's and Mars Volta - no hip-hop artists are anywhere on their list.

I'm not saying you've gotta buy all these $80 limited EPs and slit your wrists out of guilt for ever visiting CratesOfAG, BustTheFacts or ColdRockDaSpot (the best hip-hop mp3 blogs around - say word), but fucking A - at least buy a 12" and your favorite album every couple of months. In this world, you vote with your dollar, and I know the economy is in the crapper right now (don't look at me, gang - I was against Bush both times), but we're about to be the ONLY musical genre without vinyl representation. Drop by UGHH right now before they become the next Sandbox.

As hip-hop lovers, let's at least be able to look these progressive rock fans in the eye.

P.s. - A small, related bit of news. I just heard back from K-Def. I asked him about his fantastic EP with Dacapo, which was at one time supposed to be released on vinyl on May 2nd, and he said, "No hard copies of that EP... Beats from the 90's will be released at the end of this month on RedLine Dist." So, give up hope on that one, guys. =(

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