Tuesday, June 10, 2008

(Werner Necro'd) Bizarre - Outsidaz Interview part 4

So, following up that lengthy interview with The Outz (continued from part 3), I reached out to talk with Bizarre who came in from Detroit to answer some more questions and tell us about his EP which was just coming out then.

First of all, how'd you hook up with Eminem?

With Eminem, Hip Hop Shop. It's this little clothing shop out in Detroit. They got open mic there. So we just met up there.

Ok. And then, how did both of you get with the Outsidaz?

Well, I met Young Zee about four years ago. He was on tour with the Fugees. When he had the first album. Young Zee, you know what I'm sayin'. We was freestylin' afterwards; just chillin'. And every time I came up to New York, I hooked up with him. And every time he came up to Detroit, he hooked up with me, so we just clicked. I just became an Outsida. Then I introduced him to Eminem, and they clicked. So Outsidaz is just worldwide.

Cool. So now you've got this new EP out now, right? Attack of the Weirdos?


Tell me about that.

Attack of the Weirdos: It's just some new hip-hop for everybody. All type of flavors. Anything you want on there. Hardcore, commercial, underground... Just hittin' 'em with everything; something different. Attack of the Weirdos. Go get it. It's on Federation Records. Independent label.

And I think I can kinda tell by listening to your album, but why do they call you Bizarre, man?

(Laughs) Man, the real reason they call me Bizarre 'cause I was younger in school... You know how all rappers be thinking of rhymes to they selves? Well, I always used to be thinkin' of rhymes to myself. And people just thought I was talkin' to myself. So everybody just started calling me bizarre, weird and all that. So one day the name just kinda stuck like that. So I just used it.

So what kinda production've you got on this album now? I think you've got Ummah doing one of the tracks?

Yeah, I got Ummah doin' some tracks. DJ Head; he did most of Eminem's album. So I got DJ Head on production, Denaun; he also did stuff on Eminem's album. And basically that's who we're working with, our little team.

Did he do the cuttin' on "OverReact?" 'Cause that was nice.

Nah, he ain't do it. My homeboy Lenn Swann did the cuttin' on that. Lenn Swann; he outta Detroit, too. He did some of the cuttin' on Eminem's stuff, too.

And what other projects have you been on? I know you were on that SUN album.

Yeah, I'm on Sun's album. I'm on Eminem's album. I'm on MOB's album. I'm on this compilation tape... I'ma be on, on the west coast I'm about to do with Xzibit and Rasco. I'm on the Outsidaz Unit stuff comin' out. I'm everywhere, just everywhere.

So you're definitely gonna be on the Outsidaz album when that comes out, right?

Word. Definitely. Me and Eminem are just all over there.

Ay-ight, so you got anything else you wanna say to the people checking this out online?

Keep lookin' out for the Outsidaz '98, comin' to a theatre near you. A record store near you. Outsidaz in '98, baby.

I linked Bizarre's myspace in my last post (but here it is again anyway), but he also has his own website worth checking out at: bizarresworld.com.

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