Wednesday, January 31, 2007


elcome to my new blog! For 2007, I'm taking Werner's Humble, Little... etc. in a bold, new direction that only lots of other hip-hop blogs have gone before!
This is my blog (natch), so pretty much whatever the heck I feel like will go in here. But the plan is to just take a look at some interesting hip-hop records... maybe a few tapes and CDs, too. Of course, I might write about some other things if they strike me... heck, I may even manage to nab me an interview or two. ;)
This is not an mp3 blog, though. (Nothing against them; I've even downloaded a thing or two from a few of 'em; but) The hope here is to encourage you guys to track down and find your own copies of whatever interests you here. And before you ask, the best places are just whatever used record stores you can find. That's right, welcome to crate diggin'. Online, of course, I can recommend Ebay and And if I ever have a specific angle on where you can pick-up an obscure new release, I'll mention it in its entry.

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