Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All You DJs Out There Looking for a New "Nightmare"

Ok, the point of this blog isn't really about posting the rarest, most unfindable records ever, so much as to create awareness of some cool, overlooked records you might want to go out and track down for yourself. So, while I still intend on examining some hard-to-find rarities in future (in fact, I already have one on deck I plan on writing about soon), I'd like to focus on something a little more possible for people checking out my blog.

This is the second comeback 12" from Dana Dane (unless you count his material on Madonna's label as a comeback, which I guess it was), and the better of the two. The song is upbeat, with a bouncy track, basslline, keyboards and a cool horn sample - just what anyone who buys a Dana Dane record is probably looking for (a lesson he probably learned after the lack of fan response to his last single, "Let Me Do My Thing"). The lyrics on this song are better than you'd probably expect from Dane at this point, too... and, yes, the British accent is back:

"I helped set the precedent
For these rappers today.
They don't owe me jack,
But stay out of my way.
And you party promoters got some kind of nerve,
To have the Diggy-Dane standing outside on the curb.
Yo, I've been asking two or three times to enter the club.
Yo, cats like me? You should always show love.
All y'all DJ's looking for a new 'Nightmare?'
Pipe yo' ass down, and pump this hit right here.
Yeah, friends said, 'Dana,
Change with the times.
Get a dope ass beat,
Kick a simple ass rhyme.
You'll be paid. ...like back in the days.'
People see ya on the street and they say,
[sample:] 'Dana Dane, that natural born poet'
Two thou!
When I'm out,
People Steady tellin' me -
People always askin' me,
'Dane, what's with that new LP?'
I said, 'I'm comin' in two thou'
Makin' fake ones bow,
And that tilted kangol?
Is still my style.'"

The hook loops the "faaayyaayyaammme" sample from his original "Dana Dane With Fame," and the song ends with a montage of his greatest hits. Vocal samples of, "man, you get your ass kicked thinking Dana Dane ain't got classics" precedes each short clip of one of his most famous songs from his first album (sorry, no love for Dana Dane 4 Ever), mixed into the track.

Then, just to prove the old hip-hop fan's adage "b-side wins again," he returns on the flip with Slick Rick for the must-have "Dynamic Duo" (only the second recorded collaboration with his Kangol Crewmate after "The Godfather" off that WWF album). Now, on this one Dana Dane doesn't quite manage to keep up with Rick, who kills it with his ultra-relaxed slick flow that he was just mastering when his comeback got jammed up in legal strife and label pressure to clutter The Art of Storytelling with big-name guest spots. But you can't really complain; it's just a good song. Between each verse, the beat breaks down and Rick hollers, "this the part of the song we don't like!" for the hook.

Unfortunately, this record didn't get much (any!) attention, and seven years later, Dana has yet to release another record (and Rick isn't doing much besides the odd guest spot either). He was promoting a compilation album of new acts he was managing on his website, http://danadane.com/, but apparently they're renovating and the CD isn't currently available. You can hear one of the songs from it, "My Life Ain't No Lottery" (and it's just Dana, not his other MCs) on his myspace page, though: http://www.myspace.com/danadanewithfame. Check it out; it's pretty decent.

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