Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hell.... No?

Here's a curious little find...

First of all, as a longtime, big-time, finding an Outsidaz 12" I'd never known about was a definite, unexpected surprise. "Hell Yeah" b/w "Rehab" on Ruffnation (if you can tell me the difference between Ruffnation and Ruffwax Records, I'd love to hear about it): two decent but underwhelming album tracks from the disappointing follow-up to Night Life, The Bricks LP. Two odd choices to make a single out of... I wonder if they selected "Rehab" to follow "Hell Yeah" only because they follow each other directly on the LP?

Well, what makes it even weirder is when you play it, the first song isn't actually "Hell Yeah." That song isn't on this 12" at all. Instead what you get is the four versions of "Keep On" (as it would be for "Hell Yeah" according to the label: main, radio edit, instrumental and a cappella), a much more dynamic, natural choice to release as a single[1]... even though this version is nowhere near as good as their old demo version that everyone was tape-trading a few years before.

The B-side, on the other hand, is what it says it is: four versions of "Rehab," which is only on 12" here. Anyway, you can't go wrong with two Outsidaz acappellas, and at least the one side is exclusive; so it's worth picking up if you ever come across it.

[1]So much so, in fact, that Ruff Nation did indeed release "Keep On" as the lead single for The Bricks, b/w "Done In the Game."

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