Friday, May 4, 2007

NOT Slick Rick

Did eight blog entries in a row make you a little tired of reading about Slick Rick? Yeah, I don't blame ya; I kinda feel the same way. Well, how about a Slick Rick record that's not by Slick Rick?
There's no date printed on this record, but I'm gonna guess it's from '82 or '83. This Slick Rick's "Summertime Rap," released by Havana Productions is classic old school. The instrumental is provided by a live band - there's a lot of sax, piano, guitar... plenty of solos - though the only credit given is "Musical comment by: Sesy," whatever the heck that means. Is this record really from Havana?
There's very little info to be found about it... this Slick Rick isn't any of the three(!) Slick Ricks to be found on, and there's nothing from Havana Productions in the Freddy Fresh book. Probably nobody ever bothered with this record, since it's pretty obviously not Ricky Walters.

It's in English, though, and he hasn't got an accent or anything (unlike the real Slick Rick... heh). The lyrics are primarily a medley of previous rap hits. He kicks verses from "The Breaks," "The Message," "Christmas Rap" and "Rapper's Delight," even to the point of saying, "well, my name is Wonder Mike and I'd like to say hello." The music will sometimes switch up to immitate the songs he's covering, too; but still keeping its own beat. He does, at one point however, kick his own verse:

"Throw your hands in the air,
And wave 'em around like you just don't care.
'Cause I'm Slick Rick, and I'm on the mic,
And I shock the house like dynamite.
I said a one, two... three, four;
I said get... your woman... out on the floor."

This is just a great, really fun old school, true school, gold school... whatever you wanna call it - record that you can't help but get into and enjoy. Don't let the fact that this guy was never a part of The Kangol Crew keep you from checking it out; it'd be your loss.

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