Thursday, December 20, 2007

Those Aren't His Beats

"These Are My Beats" is the first record Rodney O made when he got on Egyptian Empire Records, before he teamed up with Joe Cooley with whom he of course recorded his biggest hits, and who he's still recording with today (though he did release a solo album in 1997, before reuniting with Cooley for Veteran's Day in 2000). It comes in a pic cover (albeit a rather unattractive one, as you can see), and features the main mix and the "Re-Mix (Dubb Beats)" on the flip. But, despite its name, it's actually an extended (almost ten minutes) version with all the vocals. Even the main mix is a 12" exclusive though - this was never featured on any of their albums, not even their two volume 52-song release of their past hits, The Collection (on Kritical Entertainment, also in 2000).

In an interview with West Coast Pioneers (I definitely recommend you fully explore their entire site and listen to the whole thing, by the way), Rodney O says he's not so pleased with it - he felt it was more an Egyptian Lover (who produced and co-wrote the track) record that he's just rhyming over, unlike his subsequent material, which he felt was more his own. And it really kinda does. It features The Egyptian Lover's unique brand of drum track, pronounced keyboards and exercises in erotic panting (ha ha Well, what would you call it?). New elements keep getting thrown into the mix as the song progresses, including vocoder raps and a female vocalist singing, "I like his beats, I like his beats."

But the music also feels a little more tailored to Rodney's presence (which is a little more traditional compared to the MCing Egyptian Lover does)... or maybe it just feels inherently different with Rodney rapping over it. With his voice and flow… it really plays like a true collaboration: something more than either artist would've made on their own. Still, Rodney essentially keeps his verses pretty short and simple, like:

"The beats you hear
Are about to be uncovered
By me, Rodney O,
And the Egyptian Lover.
The music that you hear
Sounds so good;
You won't stop dancin'
Even if you could.
Relax your mind,
Let the music take control;
And listen to my beats
As they sooth your soul."

In that West Coast Pioneers interview, Rodney O also mentioned he was working on a new album with Joe Cooley, and that, when they were ready, he'd have new tracks available on his myspace. They're not there yet, but you can keep checking out; and also drop by Joe Cooley's myspace while you're at it.

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