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Invincible Instant-Messenger Interview! (Part 2)

…continued from part 1.

Werner: hey
Invincible: wutup!
Werner: how's it going - how was the show?
Invincible: the show was INCREDIBLE
Invincible: have u heard much of Guilty's music?
Werner: not a lot... i heard him on percee's album and i think a couple of other guest spot's, but i haven't checked any of his own official material
Invincible: ok
Invincible: yea he's a legend here
Invincible: and it was PACKED
Invincible: and he killed it
Invincible: his energy on stage is ridiculous
Werner: nice; ill have to check out his album... hopefully what he has live translates to record
Invincible: and the way he is period he is very humble and laid back even tho his music is mad street and arrogant
Invincible: the perfect combo
Invincible: yea somewhat but def gotta see him live
Invincible: you heard the song me him and buff1 did on Buff1's album?
Invincible: its called "Supreme"
Werner: you should do a bootleg volume 2, because you've got so many guest spots out, and a lot are pretty obscure (not that the buff1 was obscure... but a lot were)
Invincible: that's one of my fav joints i've done recently
Invincible: yea part 2 is in the works lol
Invincible: it will have pieces from Last Warning too since i stopped making those
Invincible: it will be a mixtape with old new and exclusives DJ Graffiti is compiling
Invincible: will come out in time for the album (right before or right after depending on when we finish)
Werner: cool... make sure you include the really hard to find stuff. haha
Invincible: like what?
Invincible: lol...seems like you got EVERTHING
Invincible: i appreciate that tho forreal :)
Werner: ha ha thanks, i try
stuff like "won't be fooled again," "war," "Confused..."
Werner: "LAMP Post" would be another good one.... even the 3 tracks off the war album
Invincible: oh yea not alot of people heard that cuz the distro was kinda wack for it
Invincible: (War LP)
Invincible: and definitely LAMP post
Invincible: u got more qs?
Werner: yeah, we didn't even get into the basics yet, of like where you're from and how you got into hip-hop…
Invincible: no doubt. Basically born in champagne. Moved to israel palestine age 1 and moved to ann arbor Michigan 6 years later and pretty much learned english thru transcribing hiphop lyrics
Werner: where's champagne?
Invincible: (Champagne, illinois) Used to trade tapes with my homie that went back n forth to ny and also thru my best friends older sister who put me on to Paris (Sleeping with the Enemy). That's what was my
Invincible: Introduction to overtly political hiphop and combined with native tongues gang starr peterock cl smooth outkast and michigan cats like boss breed etc I developed my own style inspired by all of that...
Invincible: Started rhyming at age 9 but that was just for fun. Began takin it seriously and freestylin, doing open mics at age 15. Snuck into clubs around ann arbor/ypsi.
Invincible: I'd throw my own all ages events too in abandoned buildings. Then I connected with SUN and brown who had a group UBU who took me under their wing we did shows in the Mahogany, Phat House, etc.
Werner: back then were you looking to grow into doing records, or was it a purely live "in the scene" kind of thing?
Invincible: Around that time I spent a lot of time on hiphop radio shows on u of m radio and met some folks from ny who I traveled out their with at age 16. I fell in love
Invincible: With the scene out there and particularly ANOMOLIES as a supportive collective of female artists so I moved out at age 17.
Invincible: It was def scene first cuz I've never been in a rush to do records but of course I was open to that too. I just always wanted the crew to come out first
Werner: so, just how did ANOMOLIES form? were you a part from day 1, or did you join a bit later?
Invincible: I joined a year after they already started so you should have the founders tell it:-)
Werner: cool - yeah.
Werner: so how did you become a part of it?
Invincible: The first time I visited ny I met DSTROY from Arsonists and he told me abt this female hiphop army that repped all elements and I was in awe. lol...the next
Invincible: Visit he introd me and Helixx at the Nuyorican Cafe and we traded verses outside the club...then I met the rest of the crew and we all clicked right away...
Invincible: So I decided to move to build more in depth with them. I stayed with helixx and our manager at the time, Tina when I first got to ny...we recorded and didshows steadily
Invincible: Learned ALOT from each of them and still do. Its a family
Werner: so, how did you find yourself in the blaze battle, and do you think it affected your career?
Invincible: Lol the blaze battle was simply a battle. I was in that phase of my development as an mc and it helped me grow. I connected with a lot of dope cats that nite
Invincible: That was the last time I saw Bugz and Slang Ton RIP.
Werner: yeah, i met slang a couple of times... he was a really cool guy - not to mention talented
were you in the studio with Bugz for "clash of the titans," or were your parts recorded separate?
Invincible: Yes I love Slang too. Really good people. I was in the studio with Bugz for clash definitely. We also saw each other around before I left and he always had my back.
Invincible: Proof was also there that nite of the blaze battle he was in my corner the whole time trying to encourage me to keep going even tho I didn't really care
Invincible: For battling but felt it was a necessary step in my process to become a real mc. Both Proof and Bugz had my back a lot that nite. I think it was controversial at the time tho.
Invincible: How did u feel about that battle?lol
Werner: i didnt see it... i read about it in the mag, though (that was first issue)... i remember you were getting props for skill, but one verse (i think with young zee) got pretty racial
Invincible: Yea it was ignorant. The whole battle was ignorant and shock value based and I got caught up in that as well. That was the nature of battling at that time :-(
Invincible: The first issue of blaze was the one pri won against young zee btw. I was against a cat from nc I can't remember the name tho...
Werner: it's been a long time... but i think i remember it was the guy you were battling made a punchline about your appearance as a white female, and you kind of played off that ... but it was a little "high concept" with a sensitive subject for a battle rap lol
Invincible: Lol high concept?
Werner: well, yeah, because it wasn't like you came out making racist comments at the guy... you were playing with the concept the other guy introduced (from my bad memory lol)
[Screw my bad memory, guys; here's the actual excerpt. And she was right, it wasn't issue #1. - Again, I apologize for AOL's image size limits... hopefully you can make it out.]

Invincible: Yea honestly I'm more concerned with making albums and releasing classic material than battles lol. It was simply a phase.
Werner: so, tell me about that rawkus 12"... what was the A-side going ot be and what happened to it? and are there also more invincible joints locked in a rawkus vault or anything?
Invincible: a-side was a joint called "lemme find out" produced by supa dave west as well. He and I were developing a group at the time
Werner: who else was going to be in that group?
Invincible: It was he and I but it didn't go beyond those two songs.
Werner: oh ok. is there any chance that "lemme find out" will get released at any point?
Invincible: It might sneak onto a bootleg mixtape at some point but its definitely not where I'm at now. Lol
Invincible: ShapeShifters is my first official project after all these years. I'm excitedfor ppl to hear that first and then If enough ppl ask the old school might come out
Werner: so, what about the title "shapeshifters?" why's it called that/ what are you referring to with that name?
Invincible: The album title is about my versatility and innovation musically, but content wise its about self transformation, and changing our communities through
Invincible: Hip Hop, as well as through the process of taking action in our lives to develop new ways to relate to each other, our survival, and evolution. Its also...
Invincible: Inspired by my recent fascination with octavia butler and other sci fi that weaves in social and political commentary about current issues into futuristic worlds
Werner: well, ok... if we're doing an anomolies crew interview down the road... maybe a couple of questions i have would be better for the whole crew. so i guess i'll just wrap up with a couple short/fun questions and we're done =)
Invincible: Ok dope!
Werner: ok, so real quick...
Werner: since you're from detroit: awesome dre or mc breed?
Invincible: lol. That's a really hard one. I have to say Awesome Dre tho. He's so slept on
Werner: ok, and #2. since it's coming into election time... which presidential candidate (any party)?
Invincible: I vote for communities organizing themselves :-)
Invincible: And building real power
Werner: so, basically... no federal gov't at all? ;)
Invincible: Lol no that's not my point but I believe strongly in our communities determining our own fate. Whoever is in office should respond to those demands
Invincible: I favor obama as far as candidates in top running go but his middle east and other policies suck. I will continue to work for grassroots leadership when our so
Invincible: Called leaders fall short whether kwame [I believe she's referring to the current mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, not The Boy Genius hehe] or obama there is an abundance of people working to build the world they want to live in regardless.
Werner: ok, so finally, then: any parting words, or anything you want my readers to know that i didn't get to in my questions?
Invincible: Last words? Come visit Detroit. Its what the rest of the country has to look forward to. And if u want good music u gotta support it. Especially independently
Invincible: make sure to cop the presale album available on very soon! Big ups to my fam: Detroit Summer, Finale, Lab Techs, Waajeed and!

So, now that the interview's done, you can go drop by her myspace page. You can also find the pages for the Anomolies crew and the other members in her top friends... there's some dope music on each page. And to download Invincible's "Sledgehammer" single and see that promo video she mentioned, check out: Oh, and you can still order copies of her Last Warning mixCD from (the track-listing may seem short, but there's like five or six "bonus tracks" which all adds up to a pretty full disc).

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