Saturday, August 2, 2008


I'm just posting to let you guys know that I sometimes go back and update old posts when I've got some new info/scoops, to keep them as definitively informative as I can. Here're a couple links to some of the most interesting ones, including one I've just revisited today:

* Once Again Back Is the Incredible...! - I just found out that Bust Down had an unreleased album (not sure if it was completed or not, though), and why it was shelved (hint: it involves a drug kingpin). Also added a new image of the cassette version's picture cover.

* The Lost King of New York - I found an old Rap Pages review that sheds some new light on Pudgee's unreleased album.

* Pass da Remix - Da Youngsta's, famous for being the only kid group to write their own rhymes, bite a rhyme from Mentally Gifted! I wonder if any of the rest of their material is lifted from other MC's?

* Before He Was Goldy... - A commentor brought me up to speed on a third, independent album by Mhisani/ Goldy, which I added a cover image and description for... and a reference to a fourth(!), unreleased album.

* Lazy Freak - Not actually an "update," but producer Doug Lazy dropped into the comments section to add some back story of his working with Stezo and Paul C under a psuedonym. Great read!

* What I Call Produce - Cadence of Raw Produce corrected me on a few details I wrote in this entry, including pointing out to me that Pitch never did any of the scratches on their stuff. Whoops. ...Well, what do I know anyway?

There are others, too, so dig around when you're feeling adventerous (or bored). ;)

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