Friday, November 13, 2009

Ed O. G & da Bulldogs Week, Day 6 - Rich Get Rich

(Youtube version is here.)

Errata: As pointed out in the comments (thanks!), that is actually not Scientifik featured on that Pyro track... while it IS him on the No More Prisons album like I said, it's actually the group Self Scientific (or more specifically MC Chace Infinite) featured on the song "California Mind State."


  1. I have a little correction, it's not the Boston MC Scientifik featured on the Pyro track but the group Self Scientific comprised of Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil, the producer of the track.

  2. It's a bit confusing because the album features another posse cut produced by Ed O.G. where Scientifik is featured on.

  3. Peace Werner, I have been checking your blog for a while and it's dope! Props on the Ed O.G. series - thought you might dig this Edo G megamix I put together a couple of years ago... peace!

    01. Just Call My Name
    02. Official
    03. Hot Shit
    04. 304’s
    05. Streets is Callin’
    06. Be Thankful
    07. What U Got
    08. Right Wingers
    09. Too Much to Live For
    10. Acting
    11. Whatuwankno?
    12. Questions
    13. Showing Skills
    14. What U Know
    15. Off Balance
    16. Nights Like This
    17. Nothing Ventured
    18. Revolution
    19. Better Than Before
    20. Be A Father To Your Child
    21. Be A Father To Your Child Remix
    22. Situations
    23. Dedicated
    24. I Feel You
    25. Bitch Up Off Me
    26. I Used to Know Ya
    27. Bug A Boo
    28. Wishin’
    29. Laughin’
    30. Don’t Talk About It
    31. Voices
    32. Bring Truth to the Light
    33. On Dogz
    34. Pay the Price
    35. I Gotta Have It
    36. Rock the Beat
    37. Check it Out
    38. Speak Upon It
    39. Extreme
    40. Boston
    41. Busted
    42. Life of a Kid in the Ghetto
    43. Sayin’ Somethin’
    44. On Fire
    45. Right Now
    46. I Thought Ya Knew
    47. Let’s Be Realistic
    48. Ridiculous
    49. Work For It
    50. Stop (Think For a Moment)
    51. I’ll Rip You
    52. Lessons
    53. Day to Day
    54. Love Comes and Goes
    55. I’m Different
    56. I’m Different Remix
    57. School ‘Em
    58. Last Words
    59. Less Than Zero
    60. Rollin’ Dolo
    61. Up and Up
    62. Strategy
    63. She Said it Was Great
    64. Streets of the Ghetto
    65. Stop Dat
    66. Try Me
    67. Feel Like A Nut
    68. Skinny Dip
    69. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy
    70. Dat Ain’t Right

  4. Whoops! You're right, Krisch! Well, spotted. Correction going up now. 8)

    And Debonair - dope mix!