Thursday, June 17, 2010

New and Upcoming Music

The jury's still out on how 2010 is gonna be for hip-hop music, but there's some stuff out there and on the horizon that's pretty promising, at least. Let's break it down:

* Buck 65 has a new EP out called Avast. So far, it's just available as a CD extra packaged with his new DVD; but he promises on his website that vinyl is coming soon. "Soon" better mean soon, and not one of those situations where we're posting on a message board in December 2011 asking, "whatever happened to that vinyl EP Buck said he was about to drop?" Apparently, Avast is the first in a series of monthly EPs he's gonna be dropping from now until October. Want, want, want!

* Branesparker of The Freestyle Professors has a 6-song collaborative EP with Nutrageous coming out called Da Gritty & Da Grimey. They've "leaked" (it's not really a leak if you put it out yourself, is it?) the first song, and it's nice. Check it out here. Freestyle Records has also announced a new Freestyle Professors 7" and "Showbiz Presents: The Big L / Silky Black Double Pack (limited collectors 2x12" in pic sleeve)." 0_o

* Speaking of collaborations, Neila and Vrse Murphy have been promising a collaborative effort for years, but oh shit - there's a rough edit on Youtube now! (There's a couple other dope rough tracks on her channel as well, so poke around while you're over there.) That loop has the classic Vrse Murphy vibe to it; I'm amped. Someone once told me they weren't feeling Vrse because he sounded like Timbaland. ...I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.

* If you haven't yet heard, K-Def is dropping an unreleased LL Cool J monster jam from their 90's sessions on 12" called "Year Of the Hip Hop." It's b/w an unreleased Real Live cut, too; but A-side sounds like the clear winner to me. This site has clips.

* Hydra Records is back with Godfather Don's unreleased third album, Donnie Brasco. I listened to the snippets on ughh, and it sounds like a step down from Diabolique and some of the stuff DWG and them have unearthed. But I'll still be picking it up.

* Grand Invincible released their second CD, Cold Hand In the Dice Game, practically in secret. As far as I can tell, you can only order it from this one site. But trust me, it's worth it.

* If you've been paying attention to my Twitter feed, you should've caught me retweeting Grand Daddy I.U. who says he's about to release "a bunch of never before released joints. from years back." I also mentioned an upcoming Themselves remix album of Crownsdown, which isn't quite as exciting; but could be worth checking out.

* You may or may not've caught Z-Man's free digital EP by now (if not, download it), but I bet you didn't also know that his label has a compilation album out that features a bunch of exclusive Z-Man songs (and other artists like Gift of Gab of Blackalicious). It's just $7.99 and only available from this site as far as I can tell.

* Finally, Phill Most Chill is coming with a full length (including lots of vintage, unreleased material) from DWG. Details are being kept under wraps, but what more do you need to hear?

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