Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ultimate In Horror Disco Rap

Okay, my fellow bloggers... Who else is doing a Halloween themed post today? I want to see lots of fun, scary hip-hop posts when I check my reader Halloween evening. Here's mine:

Here's a Halloween, monster-mash-style rap song most people have never heard of... but they really should seek it out, 'cause it's one of the best. It's M C G's "Friday 13th" on United Sound Music from 1985.

So, like the title says, this is a very disco rap-style horror rap. I'm not sure how much of the music is by a live band and how much is programmed and looped, but it all sounds very rich, so I'd guess that at least some of it is live. In either case, it's great. It's got a lot of spooky but up-beat synth notes and crazy sound effects. There's a simple, sung hook that just goes, "Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th." But damned if it isn't catchy as hell the way it meshes with the music.

Lyrically, it's a simple and familiar narrative: M C G is invited to a party to MC, but it turns out it's a party being held by monsters! Of course, the narrative isn't the point, it's just a fun excuse to come up with lots of goofy and fun rhymes about a long list of famous monsters (of Film Land?). And M C G has that great, bassy radio-DJ voice that a lot of the early disco rappers used, and it sounds great. Everything about this song is 100% enjoyable... check a sample of the rhymes:

"I was invited to a party to MC,
Wouldn't exactly say it was the place to be.
I got scared outta my wits
When I seen who was playin' all the hits.
It was the one they call Transylvania D.
He said, 'welcome to the party, M C G.'
It was a hot summer day when he passed away,
But he was at the party, ready to play.
I looked at him with nothing but fear,
He said, 'don't be afraid, get over here.'
Then the beat got vicious and so nutritious,
I rapped so hard I broke all the dishes!"

This record is on the rare side. But it's absolutely worth seeking out if you enjoy the really old school old school stuff. And the fact that this is a great Halloween record only adds to the appeal.

Happy Halloween!

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