Monday, February 7, 2011

Graffiti (New York/ Holland Style)

Errata: Whoops! As pointed out in the comments, they're playing records owned by Chris the Wiz, but the actual DJs on the mix CD are Ill-Co & Bart Fader.
(Youtube version is here; and check out if you're interested in picking up either of these releases.)


  1. I guess rappers and graffiti artists have more mutual respect in Holland than they do in America. Many American graffiti artists resent hip-hop, and they especially resent graffiti’s inclusion as one of the five elements of hip-hop. Saber in particular has repeatedly stated that hip-hop music exploits graffiti culture and gives nothing back in return.

  2. Damn John....LMAO at the whole Norway thing...haha.

    Both releases can be bought through or

  3. oh....and the mix cd DJ's are
    Ill-Co & Bart Fader....I only selected tracks from my vinyl collection.

  4. ... and I like how you blanked out the names of the artists on that mixtape. I think I saw U-G-K in there, but that's just me lip reading. :)

  5. Yo, this is Bivak straight outta Belgium. I mean Denmark! Hold on, I mean Amsterdam, Holland.
    First of all thanks very much for reviewing these 2 releases. I really appreciate that.
    The Graffiti track was recorded in 1984 and the tapes ended up collecting dust at Chain's place. A few years ago he sent a cd copy to Dutch graff legend Serch who then used it on his Convulsions mixtape. Classic tape by the way! After I asked him what the hell that graffiti track was we decided to ask Chain for permission to put it out and he agreed. After we pressed it and flew him over to Holland for the release party he told us he actually had a better mix at home. Hahaha. Anyway I still have copies left of both the 12 and the cd though the cd is almost sold out now. Both are $10. Unfortunately the crappy dutch postal service has just raised all prices. One 12" now costs just as much to ship as 10 copies would. Go figure...So I guess it makes sense to buy multiples. I'll do a nice discount for anyone buying more than 1 item. Be it cd's or 12's. Contact me at



  6. oh yeah there's also a little live footage from the release party at