Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Horrorcore

Yay! Today is Halloween! No, really, it is. Here in the state of New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie has signed an executive order decreeing today, November 5th, to be Halloween in NJ ('cause of Hurricane Sandy, so kids wouldn't have to step on downed power lines in order to trick or treat).  So, repping NJ as always, it is definitively Halloween today.  And here is my Halloween video.  Enjoy!
(Oh, and the Youtube version is here.)

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  1. I found a new copy of the cd album in '99 at what use to be called warehouse music. At that time in '99 I was more attracted to the grimey, raw & hardcore sound of 92 to 95. So I pretty much back tracked on what I missed out on. Anyway I never knew that the album was shelved, and if so... Was it later released like the case with Main Source's second album?