Friday, January 11, 2013

Top mp3-Only Albums I Wish Came Out On CD

The title says it all... these are the mp3-only albums would press up on wax... or more realistically, at least CD! It's great that the artists released all these (with one exception) for free... but the material is so damn good, I would definitely pay to have a more permanent copy. Hell, I'd go to Hot Topic to pick any of these up Kreayshawn-style. Surely, at least a small number could've been made as some kind of promotion? Maybe a label like DWG, Dope Folks or Fat Beats could start a budget CD label, where they're limited pressings in cardboard sleeves?  Make it happen, somebody!

Grand Daddy IU: Self Made Man - You can download this album for free off his site... It consists af all the incredible bangers he'd been posting on twitter for like a year and a half, plus some brand new stuff. A couple the tracks come up a little short, but for the most part this is all incredible material. All told, I'd say this is better than his last couple albums (which did get CDs). So give us this one! He also seems to have another mp3-only full-length already, but it ain't free. Oh, and there's a lost EP called Long Island's Finest that he had up on ITunes a while back.  Never heard it, and I doubt hardly anybody caught it... Now that IU's got more of an online presence, maybe it needs a second chance to find its audience.

Buck 65: Dirtbike 1-3 - Great, triple mega album, which again were just released as mp3 freebies.  But they were some of the best work of his life.  Granted, it was three very long albums, so I can't say it's all 100% the very top shelf, but overall, I (and most Buck fans, I believe) would rank this higher than many of his official albums of more recent years. Realisitcally, it's probably too much music to even consider for wax, but a couple CDs? This is some of his best work, so it would be nice if it was a "real" album.

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith: Bridging the Gap - Alright, I might just want this one 'cause I'm mad. This was SUPPOSED to come out on CD. You might remember me blogging about it. And holy crap, a new Chubb Rock album? If it exists, I need it! But then, apparently the distributors stuffed up and there was a long delay, and Wordsmith said fuck it, the mp3 release was enough (after all, I think he just made Bridging the Gap to promote his solo album that was coming out at the time). I even lost $15 ordering this from FYE, who to this day have refused to send me a refund (#BoycottFYE). Being honest with myself, a new Chubb Rock album that's only half a Chubb Rock album, and watered down with Wordsmith's lesser material probably wouldn't have been too exciting. I never did bother getting the mp3 version. I want that CD or nuthin', bro!

Snagglepuss: Legendary Throwbackz - The only mixtape on this list, because usually I don't have time for mixtapes. Crappy DJs messing up songs with useless radio blends, material we've already got elsewhere... Sure, there are the rare stellar mixtapes: created by the great DJs to actually showcase their amazing DJ talent. But 99% of mixtapes are the lowest quality bootlegs or cheap, half-assed mini albums. Pass. But not this time. First of all, it's suited to be a mixtape - it's a collection of freestyles (mostly) originated on and for mixtapes. And it's all killer material that's (mostly) never seen a more official release. It's the classic Snaggapuss freestyles from the old Doo Wop mixtapes (and a couple tracks from his last CD)! I mean, Hell, this collection was my idea, so of course I'm all behind it! The only thing that could be better? Press these babies up for posterity!

Kool G Rap: Offer You Can't Refuse - I almost like this better than Riches, Royalty and Respect. There are definitely some tracks on here that are better than some tracks on there. This would've made a great EP exclusive, which you could only get if you ordered the album direct from Fat Beats' website or something. Now the EP's mostly been forgotten as a freebie advertisement for the album. But only one song was repeated ("American Nightmare"), the rest were some really nice, exclusive KGR tracks. I still have it on my phone; but this would make a sweet collector's item.

All those wild, early Anticon projects that never quite made it out the gate - I know North American Adonis was never finished and the sound quality sucked because the original DATs got damaged or whatever. But I'd still love a CD of the best I could get, and I know from the old Lunchroom forums that I'm not alone! Also Stuffed Animals, Pick me for President... even "Digital Lydias"... All that stuff Anticon knows they've got rotting away in their vaults. Run that shit, bitches! 

Father MC: Fambody - It's a sickness, I'll admit it. But if there were a physical release, I would buy this in a heartbeat. And then blog about it. Which reminds me, I have other Father MC records waiting to be blogged about...

Edit 1/12/2013: Whoops! Can't believe I forgot this one!

Earl Sweatshirt: Earl - Can't believe this isn't purchasable. Somebody missed out on a lot of money there. I'd love to see a legit, physical release of this one. I'd even happily trade any of the other Odd Future releases that did get nice, physical releases for this one. Even better than a CD, though... I want this on cassette! If you forget that this came out in 2010, it fits in so perfectly with the those great, ultra-underground 4-track tapes from the 90s. You might consider that a lost era now (though those Gurp City guys are keeping it alive), but actually Tyler and co. have brought it to a whole new audience without even realizing it... no wonder 2Mex dissed 'em! Couldn't you just picture this as an Atak exclusive?


  1. Great info, didnt know about most of these projects. But you spelled one rapper wrong, the name is Snaggapuss. It would be great, if you could provide download-links in your posts especially for free material like this.


    1. Good look on those links... As far as Snag's name, though; he's spelled it about a dozen different ways throughout his career, so I think both are correct. :)

  2. Man, there's so many more quality mp3 only releases out... sooo maaany... could make a list, but it would make me more frustrated about the whole thing, ha-haaa

  3. Like that Kool G Rap album. Props.