Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Latest Release... From GoodFelons?

So, I've already blogged about a couple records that managed to make it out to the people since GoodFelons closed up shop: Kev E Kev, of course, and then Marco Polo. Well, more good news, folks, another GF LP has been rescued and delivered to the public. This time it's the legendary Sacred Hoop, with the vinyl debut of their first album/ demo: the unfortunately titled Runny Poop.

Sacred Hoop's demo was recorded in 1994 and originally released in 1996 (and maybe a bit earlier), on cassette only, through Hoop's own Miasmatic Recordings. This vinyl re-issue was one of the final releases announced by GoodFelons before it all went down; and now Megakut Records has seen it through to completion.

I have to say, this is one nice package for any Hoop fan. Everything's been remastered and sounds great. It still has a small case of muddiness to it, but that's probably down to how it was recorded in the first place. And this new LP also includes a new, bonus instrumental version of the final song "Jedi-Subterranean" that wasn't included on the original tape. So while the OG tape is certainly still an awesome collectors' item for any fan who's got it, this is definitely the preferable, definitive version of the album to own.

If you've never heard it, it's a really dope album. Granted, it's not their best - Luke Sick's voice and flow sounds a little more derivative of other 90s artists than what its since matured into. But a lot of heads buying a 90's reissue like this is probably looking for that raw, throwback feel; so a lot of people might wind up appreciating this album more now than they would've back in the day. And Vrse Murphy's rich production definitely holds up, lots of layers and change-ups that really shine on vinyl.

One odd choice is that they moved the album's final instrumental track (not counting the new bonus one) to the front of the album, so this starts off with an instrumental. I guess they thought two instrumentals back to back would be a bit of a dry run; but having this album open with a vocal-less track, at least to me, pulls a little from the album's punch. Oh well, it's a minor quibble; I just mention it more because it's a strange choice, since the rest of the album remains in sequence.

Anyway, the "nice package" comment doesn't just apply to the actual content of the album, though of course that's where it counts most. The presentation is absolutely first class. It comes in unique, individually hand-screened picture covers AND a full-color inner sleeve. Inside, you'll also find an envelope with a signed note from the both members of the Hoop and, umm... some other weird, random shit, which I'll let you guys discover for yourselves. ha ha The cover has the Goodfelons logo on it, while the actual record label has Megakut's. It's available direct from the label here, and limited to 120 hand-numbered copies (mine is #120), so don't deliberate too long.

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