Sunday, September 14, 2014

P.S. Phuk U2

Ah, The Penthouse Playas Clique know how I feel.

I just found out this morning how Apple has forced U2's latest album onto everybody's iphone and ipad. When I first read the stories, I was thinking, ah, not me. I don't go for all these manufactured fads, turning on all those icloud and iTunes Mating features whenever the corporation unleashes them. I stay away from that nonsense. But just out of idle curiosity, I'll have a quick check and OH CRAP; THERE THEY ARE! Right in there between the Tuff Crew and Unique, U2 have been demonically teleported into my phone's tiny mp3 library.

If you try to delete the tracks, they start playing. And if you DO delete them, they just come back! The only way to get rid of them is to turn off your itunes purchase downloads and turn off the "Show All Music," option, which sucks if you actually wanted those options on for your legit purchases.And even that doesn't get rid of it. It's also on your itunes account on your home computer and in your cloud, and you can't delete it. You can only "hide" it, so it's still sitting there, insidiously taking up space and waiting to return when you least expect it.

So I was inspired today to break out this little number from the PPC, "PS Phuk U 2." Okay, granted, it's not really a diss record directed towards U2 (no matter how hard we wish). It's just their cutesy way of spelling "fuck you, too." But that was enough to for me.

Technically, "PS Phuk U 2" is the B-side on this 12" single; but they did  wind up making a video for this one too. The A-side is either "Explanation of a Playa," which showcases their strong MCing abilities and some nice scratches by DJ Quik, or "Trust No Bitch," the infamous posse cut with Quik and Eazy E, depending which pressing you have. All three are album cuts off their sole LP, Paid the Cost, on Ruthless Priority Records from 1992.

Anyway, onto "Phuk U 2," or as they called the clean version, "PS Play U 2," despite the fact that it makes no sense. Both "Play" and "Phuk" also feature Eazy E, but only as a host. He doesn't actually rap on this, but he gives each MC a spoken word introduction, including telling Tweed to, "fade 'em, my skinhead nigga." It also features DJ Quik, who does have a proper verse on here, as well as full production credit. They're basically using the same piano-heavy instrumental as The D.O.C.'s "Mind Blowin'," but with extra fonky Quik-style instrumentation laced over the top of it. It sounds pretty great.

The only downside is that, because Eazy E's dialogue is the only hook for the song, we never actually get to hear anyone utter the phrase "fuck U2" throughout the course of the song.I mean, seriously, they're gonna call that "the biggest album release" when they just forced it on a ton of unwilling Apple users? Why not call the McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It" theme the biggest record, then, since even more people have heard that play through their TVs and radios. And at least those the people at least elected to watch; it hasn't been surreptitiously uploaded onto their devices without their knowledge or permission. ...Yet, at least. We'll probably find that find tomorrow morning..

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