Saturday, May 2, 2015

Other People's O.P.P.

(Youtube version is here.)

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  1. Great post! Here's some more info about Tony D being beat-jacked. First, another song from the "Music Makes You Move" breakbeat record:

    "Get Off the Rhythm" was directed at people using the Marva Whitney loop used for YZ's "In Control of Things." A few other rappers used the same sample, like Gangstarr on "No More Mr Nice Guy." YZ specifically calls out Gangstarr at 0:54:

    Gangstarr responded later with "Take It Personal": "Rap is an art, you can't own no loops" and that deaded it.

    Regarding "OPP", Tony D only really addressed it on his 1994 breakbeat release "Flav Beats from the Cave" (re-released in 1997 on Gone Clear). Check out 0:45: