Sunday, September 23, 2007

Because Weekends Are Made For Fun

Back when I first was making my Percee-P discography page, I showed him my rough draft and asked him if there was anything missing. One was a joint that was just coming out, which he gave me a copy of (fans probably already have heard this, but if you didn't know, Percee's a really nice, cool dude); and the other was a record I'd never heard of: "The Weekend" by Champagne. Eventually, I tracked myself down a copy.

Now, there's no credited record label or year printed on this 12", but the info I got from Percee was that this came out in 1998 from Luckee Champagne Music. It's a posse cut by a bunch of people I've never heard of: Champagne, Eclipse (well... it's possible I might've heard of Eclipse. A quick search of discogs brings up 30 listings, so yeah... who knows? But here's a tip to any up & coming MCs named Eclipse: change it. Or spell it funny or something), Brother-Mello, a girl named Ebony singing the hook, and of course Percee P wrapping it up on the last verse.

You've got three versions of the song on this 12": the "Champagne Mix," the "Mr. Luckee Mix" and the "Scorch Prod. Mix." I prefer the Champagne mix, if only because it feels the most like the track the artists originally recorded their vocals to. It also has a slightly more upbeat touch, which matches the theme of the record. But all three versions are reasonably comparable, and everybody will probably have their own fave.

Whichever your preference, though, this is a cool record. On the one hand, with it's topic and the fact that it's got a sung chorus, you'd think this was a bid for commercial radio (and it probably was), and therefore not worth your time, a la "Summa Day" as opposed to "Some Ol' Sah-B Shit" or "On Earth As It Is..." compared to "Anything Goes." But really, the beats are all understated and "underground" sounding; and the flows are definitely all of the dope, emphasis-on-skills variety that we all ate up on indie 12" after indie 12" in the late 90's. This belongs on a mix-tape right between, like, The Dutchmin and Natural Elements. Check it out. Here's a sample of Percee's verse... now, if you can imagine these lines ripped to the tune of his verse on "You're Late" or "Pray To da East," then you get how nice this sounds:

"Job's stressed ya mind?
Here, go buy a new dress to dine in,
The best, divine.
Since I'm pressed for time:
Screw ya plans.
Let's walk through the sands,
And cruise the land.
If you can dance and like to eat,
It's my treat - to Houlihan's.
No help from ya ex;
When he's around, he comes for sex.
Leave ya heated like a pot cookin',
Lookin' dumb and vexed.
Everyday he's ripped;
Checks docked,
Like a navy ship.
Daily, you passed on fakes
With no cash to make.
That's the breaks;
But now you don't have to wait
Or mastur -
At my show, smile.
I know how the ladies go wild
And wanna get laid like a flo' tile;
That's not my profile.
When the dough pile, boo,
It's you I'm seekin';
It's why I'm speakin'
From deep in my heart.
I'm reachin' out to you."

Nine years later, Percee-P has a myspace page and a new album just out on Stones Throw Records called Perseverance. I haven't got it yet, but (even though I'm a little underwhelmed by the choice of producers) it's a given that I will. ;)

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