Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Rare Percee Material

Here's another rare Percee-P joint for your want lists... in fact, it's the one I mentioned in my recent Weekend post. Now you've probably heard this on mp3, or have it on the 2001 compilation album, Now and Then; but here's the real thing.

"Skills Mastered" came out in 1999; and the only label given is G-Smooth's own name. Like the title implies, it's a pure skills-flexing cut with G-Smooth, Infinite, who you may remember from Tragedy's "'98 Thug Paradise," and of course Percee (here credited as "Percy P") each taking turns kicking a freestyle verse. The production is handled by D-Moet. Yeah, as in King Sun & _______. In fact, this was Percee's crew for a short time... he says as much on an old DJ Avee tape. The track is a bit corny, what with the gong and church bell sounds and what-not, but ultimately effective Lyrically, of course, Percee kills it; while the other MCs at least manage to keep up.

The B-side is a G-Smooth solo cut, again produced by D-Moet, entitled "These Waters." The production here kinda cleverly uses familiar sample elements from other rap songs and creates something pretty new. It showcases Smooth's deep voice, while he essentially just kicks some more, nice freestyle rhymes. Yeah, it's not as tight as a Percee verse, but it's a pretty solid track.

Right after, Percee was supposed to come out with his own 12", "Bang In the Clubs" b/w that posse cut with T-La Rock, who was announcing a comeback of his own at the time, and an up-and-coming MC at the time, Rhyma the Massacarist, who makes it sound like he's saying he's a masochist. Both tracks were pretty nice, but I guess he had a falling out with the producers who were putting out the record... I think they called themselves The Vinyl Dogs. Really a shame, though there seem to be a fair amount of mp3s of the b-side floating around. Is it possible there were test-pressings or anything of this, maybe given to mix-tape DJs? I'd love to hear from anyone who might know. 8)

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