Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Phil Most Chill, Be Intelligent

So I got mine a little late, off of EBay (making this now officially the most I've ever paid for a record, by the way), but here it is: Phill Most Chill's Be Intelligent EP. It's the first release on the Diggers With Gratitude label, preceding their excellent Godfather Don EP, The Slave of New York. Limited to only 100 copies pressed; mine is #34. :)

So you've got two really hype previously unreleased joints from Phill's vaults: "Be Intelligent" and "Release Yourself" (including the instrumental for "Be Intelligent") on a top quality pressing. Plus, then they've added the instrumental for his classic, "On Tempo Jack," which was never included on the original In Effect 12" or the Landspeed rerelease. Finally, they finish things off with a recording of "Accept No Substitution," from the never released 12" of "On the Hype Tip" b/w "I Gotta Have It (Freestyle Rhymes)." An acetate was made, but the record was scrapped before it was ever pressed to vinyl and the DATs were lost, so this is the first release for that cut as well.

So, just on the off chance you needed to be told: all three cuts are bangers. Dope beats, rhymes, and a lot of scratching (courtesy of Scratchmaster Rob). Trust me, guys; you want this in your collection. But, oh yeah - expect to pay a lot for it.

In the meantime, check out his great blog (already in my site links to the right), his World of Beats website, or any of his many myspace pages (a, b, c). Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go play this 12" twenty more times.

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