Monday, November 26, 2007

Positive for the 90's

Here's one I knew nothing about until I stumbled on it used one day... It's Positive K's 1996 "What You Want" 12" on Chilltown Records, featuring Yum Yum. And there's a 45 King remix on the flip. Well... actually, it's on the A-side; and the B-side is the "Polo & Twin's Mix;" but since 45 King's mix is called a remix, I guess the "Polo & Twin's Mix" is the main mix.

So, the Polo & Twin's mix takes the same clubby bassline that The Jungle Brothers used for their single, "What 'U' Waitin' '4'?" though it's a bit more muted and they occasionally beat juggle it. The hook is simple, and the whole exercise is really just an excuse for Pos K to spit game with the touches of class, wit and style he's known for:

"I'm the main feature.
You don't know?
It's costin' me to teach ya.
You need dough?
Feel for you, but can't reach ya.
That's the rules;
That's the way I got to treat ya:
Nasty, baby,
Yeah, every day, all week.
Throw you in the car
Next to the baby carseat.
Damn, a nigga raunchy!
I play the game, baby,
Worse than Jumanji.
We can get dirty;
Hit the laundry."

Yum Yum turns out to be a female MC who takes the second verse (and claims her "pussy stay smokin' like the Fourth of July"). It follows in the tradition of Positive K giving voice to both sides in the battle of the sexes on his records (a la "I'm Not Havin' It," and of course "I Got a Man"), but here Yum Yum's role is smaller, with Pos K doing the bulk of the rapping. Which is a good thing; because she holds her own ok for the short time she's with us, but she's defintiely not the one we paid to hear.

Now, interestingly, you've actually got "Polo & Twin's Raw" and "Street" mixes, which are in fact two completely different versions, with very different instrumentals (as opposed to just being dirty and clean versions like you'd expect). After the "Raw Mix" with the JB's loop, the "Street Mix" is some East New York, gritty tales-of-the-dope-game-type instrumental - something you'd expect Kool G Rap to be rhyming over if he put out an indie 12" in the late 90's and couldn't afford Premiere. So, it's cool... it doesn't really jive with the tone of song like the first mix does, but it's good enough to be an alternate version when you're tired of the "Raw Mix."

The 45 King mix is dope, too. It's a fast beat with some handclaps and a simple bassline, that goes back to the upbeat tone of the first version. It's not as hot as some his classic songs with The Flavor Unit; but you can hear the crackles in the King's samples; and you know... it's pretty much in line with the beats he put out on his many breakbeat records. Good stuff. And they include the instrumental version for this mix, too, which is nice. The only downside is that 45 King used the clean version for his mix... and it's not too bad, because the original doesn't have that many curses on it; but it's still a little annoying.

I don't know much about what's become of Positive K... he did turn up on Nas's "Where Are They Now (90's Remix)" earlier this year, so I guess he's still around. But he doesn't seem to have a site, myspace or anything; and I haven't heard anything about him planning any upcoming music The 45 King, on the other hand, has a dope website at: (and he has a myspace, too); so definitely check that out and enjoy. Play with his Virtual Mixer! And if you wanna be a pest, you can point this record out as one he forgot to include in his discography. ;)

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  1. this 12" is laid out extactly the same as a Bush Babees "Love Song" remix by the 45 King.