Friday, July 4, 2008

The Lost Ghetto (A Short Interview with Hansoul)

I've been searching for so long, and so diligently, for Hansoul's "Every Ghetto's the Same" 12", that I was beginning to seriously doubt it existed. Thankfully, Hansoul (who's still putting out music, in case you didn't know... more on that below) himself was good enough to answer my questions on the subject and help a fan out. 8)

He told me, "the fact of the matter is that in my 'old life' as an artist e.g. Before Christ (BC) there was an album and that single; and videos done for those songs and things were ready to come out and airing and receiving rotation. But prior to its official store release I truly had an experience and was touched, and met Jesus in a way I had never met Him. I then rededicated my life to Him and pulled the album and told video jukebox and others to stop airing it and spinning it. This is what occured. I have parted all ways with all music I did that was not Glorifying to my Lord Jesus Christ."

So it was pulled before its official store release, which would explain how hard it's been to find, of course... but were there ever any promo copies pressed or anything? There must've been something... I also thought it was surprising he disowned his previous catalog when he had already been a pretty positive rapper. I mean, compare "Imagination" to the NWA-insipired gangsta rap that was jumping off on every label under the sun that year - he wasn't exactly Brother Lynch Hung before he found Christ.

He answered, "it was only released underground, and we pulled it prior to official release.... what I used to think was positive I realize now was not positive."

So now I'm hunting for a 14 year-old, underground record which was only put out on a handful of promo copies. Wish me luck with that.

And yeah. If you didn't already know, Hansoul's been putting out a fair amount of music in the 2000's. He said to me, "I currently have an album out that is banging; you should pick it up, it will really bless you... you can get it in stores or on my myspace. It is entitlted 'Jesus Saves!' MG that was with the Youngsta's and others produced and are on it."

Jesus Saves is his third album since his old stuff (there was a 12" single as well). He's also collaberated with Mentally Gifted - yes, the same one from The Hilltop Hustlers back in the day - Ready Rock C(!), and his crew, The Fishermen. His first and third albums are available on his myspace. Check it out. And let me know if you ever come across a copy of "Every Ghetto's the Same." :)

P.s. - Happy ID4!


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