Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rarely Demented

It's shipped and I just got mine today: The Cenobites' Demented Thoughts EP! It's a limited (200 copies) of unreleased material from the classic pairing of Godfather Don and Kool Keith from 1993-1996. The masters for six long lost Cenobite recordings were recently discovered by Bobbito and have now been pressed up on this real nice vinyl release. Only one of the tracks, "Hot Crib Promo" featuring Cage, has ever seen any kind of release before: an off-the-air radio recording on Cage's For Your Box cassette compilation... But, while that version features a little extra music at the beginning (a Clockwork Orange soundtrack interlude, probably not from that same session, but just mixed in for the tape); it ends before Don's awesome verse! So this is clearly the definitive version.

Interestingly, this is almost more of a Godfather Don solo release... Kool Keith is only really featured on one track (a really ill verse he kicks on the last song, "Slaves"), and of course Don produced all the tracks as well. Otherwise, it's just all Don, with guest verses by Bobbito and the aforementioned Cage collabo. And you know what's wrong with a vintage Don solo release - nothing!

Now, this still leaves some Cenobites material unreleased... even with the rerelease of the original EP including two extra tracks, and the third release featuring even another. All those and this EP add up to 16 songs, and there's definitely other radio recordings floating around out there. So hopefully somebody can dig up the masters for those as well. But for now I'm happy, 'cause this EP is dope!

Now, I believe most of the copies have already been pre-sold, but UGHH supposedly has the last ten available, so if you're interested, be quick. 8-)

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