Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MC Mark the 45 King?

The Test Press entry in The 45 King's Lost Breakbeats series initially dropped on 45 King Records in 1990. This is the second pressing, though, on Tuff City. There's no track-listing on my copy, but we can get the song titles from the 45 King Records version.

Like all of them, of course, it features some choice breakbeats by The 45 King. But what makes this one stand out is that, in addition to the seven standard breakbeat tracks, there's three with vocals, including one rapped by The 45 King himself!

It's called "45 King Kick It" and the beat to this track is really dope... it used elements from several other classic 45 King joints you'll surely recognize. The largest element was also used on Latee's "This Cut's Got Flavor," but you'll surely recognize the looped moaning woman vocal from Lakim Shabazz's "Pure Righteousness" and possibly a couple other elements, too. Vocally, he comes with that deep-toned hardcore delivery that practically everyone from the O.G. Flavor Unit used so well. Lyrically, it's nothing amazing, but tight, and works perfectly with his flow and the beat. Queen Latifah even drops by to add a single line.

Musical magician;
I'm statin' facts,
Strictly non-fiction.
In hip-hop,
You wonder who's the trouble most.
You get a double dose.
You can't stop me, no,
I put you to the test.
The rhymes are Romeo;
(The beats are Juliet.)
DJ Mark,
45 King's my alias.
It takes a ton of MCs
To prevail against
Me. Just listen:
I'm unstoppable.
You're on a mission?
This one's impossible.
Beats rock all night
With no curfew.
My talents are vast;
You haven't a clue."

The two other vocal joints are dope classic Flavor Unit tracks, too. I'm not sure who the MCs are, and the label doesn't give any credit. The first MC track is "Go Head Up," with the MC ripping it over a fast bongo beat - great track "All That" is a gruesome tale of an MC on a warpath over another nice track with whining horns and a lot of snare.

The 45 King Records version is a bit of a costly collector's item, but the Tuff City pressing is still in print and can be had nice and affordable-like directly from Tuff City's website. You won't be disappointed.

Update 3/27/09: It's been pointed out to me in the comments section that DJ Mark's rhymes on "45 King Kick It" are actually lifted from his duet with Queen Latifah on her first album (which explains her one-line contribution), a song I totally forgot about. Man, that guy knows how to recycle - still a dope record, though!


  1. I think you might be confused - this track is a remix of "A King and Queen Creation" from Latifah's first album. She drops a full verse on her LP, but this song just contains Mark's last rhyme, which Latifah contributes one line to.

    The 45 King has some skills on the mic - check out his verse on Latee's "Puttin On the Hits" (B-side of "This Cut's Got Flavor"). He also dropped a few verses on his various "Lost Breakbeat" EPs and on his unreleased 2001 album. I have most of the records, maybe I'll put together an "MC Mark" compilation.

  2. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that song! That's a good album, too. I'm gonna update this post - thanks! :)